Warzone streamers react to CoD Vanguard reveal event: NICKMERCS, NoahJ456, more

Activision / Twitter, NoahJ456 / FaZe Clan

It has been months of leaks, rumors, and teases but the Call of Duty Vanguard trailer has officially been revealed. Through an in-game Warzone event, streamers and players took on Verdansk and gave some amazing reactions to the trailer and the announcement of an anti-cheat.

Rumors have been flying around for a while that the next Call of Duty title would be revealed through Warzone and that moment finally arrived.

The Warzone: Battle of Verdansk event took place on August 19, 2021. The game received a special playlist update that allowed players to queue into the event.

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Players needed to work together to destroy a train, then run to the exfil location. Even though this sounds easy it took over 100,000 damage points to destroy the train. Completing these steps unlocked the Vanguard reveal trailer for everyone in the lobby and the rest will go down in history.

Warzone streamers react to Vanguard trailer

Streamers such as NICKMERCS, TimTheTatman, and NoahJ456 seemed to be enjoying every moment of the event, from defeating the train, to sprinting for the exfil, we got some priceless reactions.

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It wouldn’t be NoahJ456 if something didn’t go terribly wrong. While watching the Vanguard trailer his game decided to tab out, causing the streamer to miss about 10 seconds.

Although streamers loved the event and the reveal of the next CoD, a post from Call of Duty’s official website following the event caught their attention the most.

Warzone community reacts to announcement of an anti-cheat

After the trailer streamers started to express their hype for Vanguard. Specifically, the official announcement of an anti-cheat, which is scheduled to come to Warzone in November.

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Lots of people are insanely excited over this feature that is coming to Warzone. Tommey, CouRageJD, and Swagg were just some of many that were excited with the announcement.

However, even with all the new content players will still need to wait. As for streamers, they all seemed to agree that they want to wait and to see these things implemented before being too satisfied.