Fuslie loses $5,000 Valorant bet after NoahJ456 wins insane 1v5 clutch

Fuslie loses crazy Valorant bet to noahj456Riot Games/Instagramfuslie/noahj456

Twitch star Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu is out $5,000 after betting 100 Thieves’ NoahJ456 that he couldn’t pull off a 1v5 Ace during a Valorant stream.

During an October 19 broadcast, Fuslie was partaking in a massive charity stream to raise money for breast cancer research.

After raising a whopping $30,000 while playing Valorant with NoahJ456, the streamer noticed how her teammate found himself in a difficult 1v5 situation.

“500 gifted subs if you clutch this,” she encouraged. “Plus $5,000 dollars!”

Fuslie makes $5,000 Valorant bet

While Noah wasn’t streaming on Twitch and therefore couldn’t benefit from the gifted subs, he still took Fuslie up on the $5,000 bet – something she was sure he couldn’t pull off.

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Shortly thereafter, however, he fragged one opponent keeping the dream alive. A few seconds later, he secured another kill, getting Fuslie to sweat just a little.

“So tell us about your day!” she asked, trying to seemingly distract her teammate, who racked up another elimination. “What did you do? What did you eat for lunch?!”

As the seconds ticked down, Noah was able to land two more kills to turn the round around and successfully earn himself a cool $5K.

The clip soon went viral online, even impressing 100T co-owner Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop who couldn’t help but laugh at the turn of events.

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When Noah asked what he should buy with all his newly-earned money, Fu suggested that she donate the $5,000 to breast cancer awareness in his name – something he was more than glad to take her up on.

In less than five hours, Fuslie was able to raise over $55,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Overall, it ended up being one heck of a stream with the content creators coming together for such a good cause.