David Dobrik explains his side of life-threatening Jeff Wittek vlog accident

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David Dobrik talking to the camera in Jeff Wittek's documentary
YouTube: Jeff Wittek

In episode four of Jeff Wittek’s documentary about his life-threatening accident, David Dobrik shared the difficulties of navigating the aftermath of the shocking event.

The Vlog Squad have become known for their crazy antics and often risky stunts, but the internet was shocked in April when YouTuber Jeff Wittek revealed the events that lead up to a severe eye injury, and that almost cost him his life.

The group had put an excavator in a lake, and David Dobrik sat in the driver’s seat, spinning his friends around the machine. Things quickly went wrong when Jeff took his turn however, after spinning around such great speeds caused him to collide with the machine.

Doctors revealed that had Jeff’s eye injury occurred a few inches over, he could have split his eye in half, or even died.

davod dobrik accident jeff wittek blackmailer
Jeff Wittek YouTube
The footage shocked many viewers.

Many fans were furious with David, calling his actions “irresponsible.” In later episodes, Jeff went on to say that seeing the star all over the internet following the accident, “made me resent him. It made me resent seeing his face. It made me not want to go online.”

Despite having been quiet online since the Vlog Squad sexual assault scandal, David has appeared at points in the documentary to talk about the incident. In episode four, released on April 30, the YouTuber spoke more in-depth about dealing with the aftermath of the accident.

“Obviously I’ve never been in a situation like this, neither has Jeff, neither have probably any of us,” he said. “I didn’t know the correct way to go about any of it. Especially Jeff’s such a tough guy, so you don’t know if you have to be there to f**king baby him or if that pisses him off.”

(For mobile users, topic starts at 1:33)

David continued: “I didn’t know how to navigate that properly, how to reach out to him in a way that doesn’t make him feel like I’m reaching out just to check on him cause he’s injured. It’s a little awkward for both of us, it’s not something you can just sit down with a person once and be like, ‘okay cool, it’s over.'”

The episode went on to show the pair jump out a plane as a way to resolve things, with Jeff saying “I don’t want a f**king car, I don’t want money, I want you to risk your life, and you not be in control for once.”

People have been flooding Jeff with love and support as he continues to release the episodes that show a candid insight into the incident.

It’s not clear when David’s segments were filmed, but the vlogger hasn’t been active online since he was dropped by several major sponsors and demonetized on YouTube following the Vlog Squad scandal.

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