NoahJ456 rage smashes controller after Black Ops 4 crashes at worst possible moment

There’s nothing more frustrating that your game crashing while you’re playing but, as NoahJ456 showed, there are some times that quite literally couldn’t be worse.

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NoahJ456 had been grinding through the IX Zombies match in Black Ops 4 when he and his squad finally made it to the moments before the massive boss battle that takes place on the Roman-inspired map.

Unfortunately for Noah, just as the battle was about to commence, the American’s PlayStation 4 suddenly reported an error and he could only watch on in horror as his Black Ops 4 game crashed, and his progress through Zombies gone.

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Noah remained silent as he stared at this screen in disbelief, seemingly unable to take in what had just happened to him.

“I can’t break my good controller,” commented Noah, as he spun around in his chair to grab something behind him.

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As it turned out, the 100 Thieves streamer was actually turning around to grab an older controller that was sitting behind him, before hilariously launching it across the room in a fit of rage.

Noah could only grunt as he left his desk to go and grab his now destroyed controller, but it’s hard to blame the Twitch star for his frustration, especially when you consider the time he put into the game to get to that point, only to see his work disappear in seconds.

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While the moment was clearly incredibly frustrating for Noah, it did provide some hilarity for the rest of us to enjoy!