How to beat Grave Warden in Elden Ring

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Grave Warden boss fight in Elden RingFromSoftware

The Grave Warden is an optional boss in Elden Ring which players can choose to take down to acquire the Ash of War: Storm Blade. Here’s how you can beat him and avoid an early grave. 

Elden Ring is brimming with all kinds of bloodthirsty bosses. From the colossal hits of Margit the Fell Omen to the scorching hot flames of Flying Dragon Agheel, there are plenty of tough adversaries for Souls fans to take on. 

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One of the game’s earlier bosses will see Tarnished duke it out with the Grave Warden – a loyal guard who protects the catacombs. While the Grave Warden may not be the hardest boss fight in Elden Ring, he does have a number of attacks that can send you reeling back to the nearest Site of Grace. 


Grave Warden location in Elden Ring

Murkwater Catacombs Elden RingFromSoftware
The Murkwater Catacombs are filled with traps and enemy ambushes.

The Grave Warden is located in the Murkwater Catacombs, which is filled with enemy ambushes and arrow traps. It’s best to take it slowly and be on the lookout for pressure pads on the floor. 

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Doing this will enable you to enter the boss arena without having to waste any of your Flask of Crimson Tears. 

How to beat Grave Warden in Elden Ring

Grave Warden boss fight Elden RingFromSoftware
The Grave Warden is incredibly aggressive.

The Grave Warden wields two chained hammers, which he uses to pummel his foes into the ground. It’s best to keep close to the Grave Warden as this will enable you to bait out his close-quarter slams. 

If you run too far from him, he’ll use his ranged attacks which cover huge distances. If Grave Warden does unleash a ranged hammer hit, simply duck behind one of the stone columns or run as far away as possible. 

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We recommend summoning one of your Spirits and attacking him when his focus is drawn towards your AI companion. Grave Warden is hyper-aggressive and will relentlessly pursue you after each attack, giving players very little time to hit him. 

As a result, you’ll want to try to poke him down with any ranged attacks and only go in for melee hits when you dodge the final hit of his combo. Once you’ve defeated Grave Warden, he’ll drop the Ash of War: Storm Blade and Runes. 

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So, there you have it, all the tips and tricks you need to beat the Grave Warden in Elden Ring. Make sure you check out our Elden Ring page for all the latest news and guides. 

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