IShowSpeed left fuming after unpacking a female player in first EA FC 24 stream

IShowSpeed reacts to unpacking a female player in Ultimate teamYouTube: IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed was left fuming after unpacking a female player in his first EA FC 24 stream, seemingly not knowing they are now a part of Ultimate Team. 

The earliest a player can get their hands on EA FC 24 is on September 22, however, if you are a lucky content creator you’ll already have your hands on the game with all its contents to explore. 

IShowSpeed, one of the biggest streamers on YouTube today, is one such content creator who just went live on September 19 with his first EA FC 24 stream. During which, he instantly went into Ultimate Team to explore all the new features. 

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However, it seems he did not know there are now female players included in Ultimate Team, which left him confused and visibly frustrated after opening a pack.

Upon loading into Ultimate Team, Speed was shocked at receiving a female player in his squad, saying, “Girls? Chat, am I tweaking? Is that a girl?”

After the initial reaction, Speed went on to set up his team, from choosing the jerseys to naming his club and designing his club badge. He then went on to open some Ultimate Team packs. 

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However, he was left fuming after once again receiving a female player, Hannah Blundell from Manchester United. “What the f***! Is that a girl?” Speed shouted upon seeing the player card. 

“What the f***? Is that Eriksen?” Speed questioned, confusing Blundel with Man United’s Christian Eriksen. “Who the f*** is this? Bruh, is that Eriksen bruh? What the f***?” 

He said after the initial shock, “he must be new to the squad,” misgendering the player. “He must be new to the squad, my fault.” Speed claims he watches Man Untied every day, however, it seems he is unfamiliar with their women’s squad. 

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Upon announcing that female players would be available to use in Ultimate Team, EA received backlash from the community at first.

However, a dev later told us at Dexerto that the choice to add them to Ultimate Team was a natural evolution. “We wanted to make sure men’s and women’s football could come together. I think it’s just going to give more choice in terms of what players people want to put into squads.”

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