Miposhka claims Team Spirit has more to show after The International victory

Alex Tsiaoussidis

The International 10 winning captain Yaroslav ‘Miposhka’ Naïdenov explained how Team Spirit’s mentality is still fresh heading into the latest Dota 2 patch — one he doesn’t love, but he’s keen to see how the meta plays out.

Miposhka captained Team Spirit to an unforgettable win at The International 10. However, the spark and synergy that got them there is still going strong after achieving the ultimate glory.

As the Dota 2 meta morphs after patch 7.31, the champions are trying to find their new comfort zone. Their TI title was built on maneuverable mid-laners and tanky initiators, but tides are changing.

While balance changes though, winning mentalities stick around longer than just a game update.

Confidence is still at an all-time high for Team Spirit, who are looking at bringing their best to DPC 2022 for a repeat TI run come August.

Team Spirit emphatically won The International 10 after playing an unforgettable tournament.

Team Spirit’s winning mentality

TI winners in the past have said it’s hard to re-motive themselves to tackle the season all over again. After all, it’s a long road to The International  However, that hasn’t been an issue for Miposhka and Team Spirit. 

“We’ve just been focusing on every game as it comes,” he told Dexerto. “We’re not thinking that we won TI. It just happened that was the first tournament we won. We still want to be the best team and show how good we are. We want to win every game.”

This mentality worked well for them during the DPC Regional Finals, which they won. Miposhka believes it had more to do with that and less with the patch suiting their style. “We just focused on the things that worked best.”

Miposhka’s leadership is a big reason behind Team Spirit’s success.

However, now that things have changed in patches 7.31 and 7.31b, they’re trying to adapt and figure out what works best.

“We’re trying to find a good strategy that works best for us. One we’re comfortable with as a team.”

Miposhka was a bit disappointed with the update, though: “I don’t love this patch,” he confessed.

“I only see hero changes. I don’t see any changes to the map, which is what I wanted. Same with economic changes.

“There are definitely going to be new meta heroes. We’ll want to get used to Enchantress and Chen. It’s hard to say which heroes will be part of the new meta, but it’s not what I expected!”

He thinks it will take shape at the GAMERS GALAXY: Invitational Series Dubai 2022“It’ll definitely be interesting because of the new patch.”

For that reason, he believes anyone can win. “It’s so hard to say and predict!”

Dota 2’s latest patch introduced many changes, including a new hero in Primal Beast.

Miposhka’s thoughts on the current DPC system

Miposhka also criticized the state of the current DPC system, claiming it’s too strenuous for players.

“I don’t particularly like the system right now. I would like to play some shorter DPC seasons, maybe three or four weeks.

“Right now, including boot camps, it takes a lot of time. Along with everything else happening in the scene, it’s really hard to find the time for yourself. You almost always need to practice and play games that get you points.”

The road to the Aegis is a long one with the current DPC system.

Miposhka and Team Spirit are one of ten teams participating in The GAMERS GALAXY: Invitational Series Dubai 2022, which kicks off on March 2. A slice of the $270,000 USD prize pool will be up for grabs.

It’s not a part of the DPC. However, it’s the first tournament following the new patch, and a good chance for teams to test their mettle while acclimatizing themselves with the latest changes to heroes and items.

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