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Dota 2 ranks explained: seasonal medals, MMR distribution, more

Published: 11/Dec/2021 3:21 Updated: 11/Dec/2021 6:45

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Dota 2’s ranked system can seem daunting to old and new players alike. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled everything you need to know in one comprehensive guide.

Dota 2 is home to many players, old and new. Despite being almost ten years old, it still boasts an average player count of around 450,000 players at all times, with a daily peak exceeding 700,000 players.

But no matter whether you’re a new player starting their Dota 2 journey or a veteran returning to the scene, Dota 2’s ranked mode can seem daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how the system works.


To make things easier for you, we’ve gathered all the information on everything you need to know, including how the ranked system works, what the Dota 2 ranks are, how they’re distributed throughout the player base, and more.

Once you’re up to speed with Dota 2’s ranked system, you’ll be breaking through ranks in no time!

How does the ranked system work in Dota 2?


Dota 2’s ranked mode is only available to players who have played casual game modes for more than 100 hours. This is a necessary measure to make sure that new players have familiarized themselves with the game.

After that, you’ll need to play ten calibration games that are determined solely by the outcome of the game. Individual performance, no matter how stellar, won’t make a difference during calibration.


MMR and Medals

Dota 2 ranks have always been determined by a player’s MMR (matchmaking rating). The premise is simple: a player gains or loses 30 MMR for every solo win or loss and 20 MMR for every party win or loss.

It still works the same way behind the scenes. However, it’s been streamlined over the years to become more in line with the rank tier systems used in other competitive games like League of Legends and Overwatch.

Players receive a medal for each rank and tier they achieve. There are eight ranks in total: Herald, Guardian, Crusader, Archon, Legend, Ancient, Divine, and Immortal. They’re all split into five tiers apiece.


It’s important to play the Dota 2 heroes you’re most familiar with in ranked.

Seasons and re-calibration

It also operates on a seasonal basis, meaning players will need to re-calibrate at the end of every season. Traditionally, this happens every six months. However, the current season has gone on for more than a year.

The good news, though is that you have the option to re-calibrate by choice once per season. Just don’t expect any drastic differences since re-calibration is based on your existing MMR. It’s unlikely to deviate much.

Dota 2 ranks

Here’s a list of all the Dota 2 ranks and their corresponding medals. We’ve also included a rough estimate of the MMR required for each rank.


Rank Medal MMR
Herald 1 dota-2-ranks 0
Herald 2 dota-2-ranks 154
Herald 3 dota-2-ranks 308
Herald 4 dota-2-ranks 462
Herald 5 dota-2-ranks 616
Guardian 1 dota-2-ranks 770
Guardian 2 dota-2-ranks 924
Guardian 3 dota-2-ranks 1078
Guardian 4 dota-2-ranks 1232
Guardian 5 dota-2-ranks 1386
Crusader 1 dota-2-ranks 1540
Crusader 2 dota-2-ranks 1694
Crusader 3 dota-2-ranks 1848
Crusader 4 dota-2-ranks 2002
Crusader 5 dota-2-ranks 2156
Archon 1 dota-2-ranks 2310
Archon 2 dota-2-ranks 2464
Archon 3 dota-2-ranks 2618
Archon 4 dota-2-ranks 2772
Archon 5 dota-2-ranks 2926
Legend 1 dota-2-ranks 3080
Legend 2 dota-2-ranks 3234
Legend 3 dota-2-ranks 3388
Legend 4 dota-2-ranks 3542
Legend 5 dota-2-ranks 3696
Ancient 1 dota-2-ranks 3850
Ancient 2 dota-2-ranks 4004
Ancient 3 dota-2-ranks 4158
Ancient 4 dota-2-ranks 4312
Ancient 5 dota-2-ranks 4466
Divine 1 dota-2-ranks 4620
Divine 2 dota-2-ranks 4820
Divine 3 dota-2-ranks 5020
Divine 4 dota-2-ranks 5220
Divine 5 dota-2-ranks 5420
Immortal (Placed) dota-2-ranks
Immortal (Top 1000) dota-2-ranks
Immortal (Top 100) dota-2-ranks
Immortal (Top 10) dota-2-ranks
Immortal (Top 1) dota-2-ranks

Dota 2 rank distrubution

The ranked distribution in Dota 2 is a good way to determine where you stand on a percentile basis relative to other players. According to Esports Tales, Dota 2’s ranked distribution currently looks something like this:


The data suggests that the biggest chunk of Dota 2 players fall between Crusader 1 and Legend 2, and the median rank being Archon 1.

Here’s a table showing the percentile of each rank. You can use it to see where you stack up.

Rank Percentile
Herald 1 0.02
Herald 2 0.86
Herald 3 1.88
Herald 4 3.30
Herald 5 5.04
Guardian 1 7.04
Guardian 2 9.32
Guardian 3 11.89
Guardian 4 14.76
Guardian 5 17.94
Crusader 1 21.50
Crusader 2 25.32
Crusader 3 29.38
Crusader 4 33.70
Crusader 5 38.19
Archon 1 42.99
Archon 2 47.87
Archon 3 52.73
Archon 4 57.53
Archon 5 62.19
Legend 1 66.92
Legend 2 71.25
Legend 3 75.25
Legend 4 78.83
Legend 5 82.02
Ancient 1 85.10
Ancient 2 87.81
Ancient 3 89.85
Ancient 4 91.61
Ancient 5 93.07
Divine 1 94.78
Divine 2 96.09
Divine 3 97.07
Divine 4 97.78
Divine 5 98.29
Immortal 100

And that’s everything you need to know about Dota 2’s ranked system.

Knowing all the information is one thing. However, cracking on with the grind is a different beast. But if you put in the work, you’ll be climbing ranks in no time!