Dota 2 players get engaged at Berlin Major 2023 8 years after meeting in online match

Jeremy Gan

A Dota 2 couple just got engaged during the Berlin Major 2023 event, eight years after meeting in an online match in Valve’s popular MOBA. 

The 2023 Berlin Major has just wrapped up, and it has heralded some important milestones. For one, this marks three back to back to back tournament wins for Gaimin Gladiators, now with two Major trophies in their case.

And it is also just as important for one particular couple who had attended the upper bracket final match between Gaimin Gladiators and 9Pandas, as they just so happened to get engaged live during the tournament. 

During a break between maps, commentator Neal “Tsunami” Khandheria made his way into the crowd to talk to fans on how they felt about the match so far, only to stop and interview a certain lady. 

Tsunami asked her what the most important thing would be for her in the event, to which she replied “[Team] Liquid winning”. And we can see her partner kneel down next to her as she answers with a mic in hand. 

“We met eight years ago in a pub [public lobby] and we started feeding together, and I want to keep feeding with you for the rest of my life, do you want to marry me?” he asked in his proposal, to which she immediately said yes. 

The then-girlfriend, now fiance, revealed in the comments of a Reddit thread about the moment that she had no idea it was going to happen, and that her fiance planned it with Tsunami and ESL behind her back. 

“He told me there’d be a raffle between the game and you’d have the chance to be chosen in the outer seats (he talked to Tsunami while getting something to drink) so I had to stay [in] my chair between the games,” she said

Tsunami even chimed in, saying he was nervous as he did not have an exit strategy if she said no. “When he first suggested the idea I had to ask like 6 times ‘Are you 1000% sure she’ll say yes?’. And he was right” he said. 

However, unfortunately for the pair who were big Team Liquid fans, they would go on to see their team get beaten by Gaimin Gladiators for a third time this year in a Grand Final. But the bright side is now they are happily engaged and have years of feeding opportunities ahead.

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