Washington man reportedly shoots friend dead after Diablo 2 argument

The Columbian / Blizzard Entertainment

After an argument over stolen loot in Diablo 2, a 36-year-old man allegedly shot and killed a longtime friend in Vancouver, Washington. He is now being investigated for second-hand murder.

According to The Columbian, 36-year-old Joshua Spellman ended up shooting his 34-year-old friend, Andrew Dickson after an argument while playing Diablo 2 online. The two had reportedly been friends for 26 years.

As explained in Spellman’s interview with local detectives, Spellman, Dickson, and a third friend were apparently exchanging loot online. At some point, “a random player entered the game and stole a valuable piece of loot.”

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Following that mishap, “Spellman said Dickson began yelling, name-calling and cursing at him … for three to five minutes.” This allegedly escalated to the point that Spellman went to confront Dickson in-person, at which point the fatal shooting occurred.

Diablo 2 argument allegedly ends in second-degree murder

Joshua Freeman Diablo 2 murder suspectJessica Prokop/The Columbian
The suspect, Joshua Freeman.

Per Spellman’s interview, he told Dickson that he would be shot if he didn’t calm down. The two live on the same property, so Spellman then picked up his pistol and walked to “the main house.”

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According to court records, Spellman’s gun was located next to his computer and he shot into the air before arriving at the main house.

When asked why his gun was located there, he responded “why not? This is America.”

diablo 2 resurrected arreat summit battle against the ancients for Rite of PassageBlizzard Entertainment
A hack-and-slash RPG, Diablo 2’s loot is considered very valuable to players.

At the main house, Spellman allegedly spoke with his father until Dickson arrived. Then, Dickson allegedly confronted Spellman about the shooting threat and “closed the distance” between the two. That’s when Spellman reportedly shot Dickson in the torso, an injury which proved fatal despite surgery at Vancouver’s PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.

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Spellman has been arrested and made his first court appearance on December 17, on suspicion of second-degree murder. Per Fox12, the investigation is still ongoing.

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