Diablo 4 players want key Diablo 3 features added to fix frustrations

Andrew Highton
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Even though Diablo 4 players are finding lots to enjoy about the game, the community has listed a large number of features they want to see brought over from Diablo 3 to make the game even better.

Diablo 4 is in somewhat of a lul at present as the world awaits Diablo 4 Season 1. Season of the Malignant is the first new content drop for the game and will add a Battle Pass along with new elements such as Caged Hearts and Infested Sockets.

Until then though, players have had time to reflect on Diablo 4 as a whole and evaluate where the game is right now. Whereas the devs have actually been telling players to stop playing the game, fans of the title have actually devised a series of features that D4 could add from Diablo 3 to alleviate some frustrations and improve the game even further.

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Diablo 3 features could make Diablo 4 even better?

Reddit user Frosty-Peach-9094 explained to the Diablo 4 community that they had two Level 100 characters and delivered their overall verdict on the game so far.

“God I miss some things from D3 so much,” they began, before launching into a series of issues that Diablo 3 features could clear up in a second, as well as improvements to base D4 aspects.

The user wants to see the return of the XP combo bonus, less exploding mobs, a revision of itemization, Nightmare Dungeons in the style of D3, fewer “pointless puzzles”, variety in level design in regular dungeons, improved mount gameplay, and better inventory management.

There are quite a few features here, but the OP clarified: “Again, I love this game but I had to vent some of these absolutely frustrating things.”

The top comment fully agreed saying: “I agree with OP 100%. Game is incredibly fun and awesome, but it’s a bit frustrating that some changes that seem fairly obvious and simple prevent it from being as great as it could be. Just to add a few more: more class and spec balancing, more monster variety, a gem bag, gems that stack higher.”

Another user was harsher in their verdict: “D3 rewards time investment and it’s fun to boot. Everything in 4 feels flat, aside from the grimdark setting and that first trip through the story. Every spell, every ability, every class is just leftovers from previous games that did it better.”

Season 1 will certainly bring about some new changes to the game. Even though they won’t be on the scale that Frosty-Peach-9094 wants, smaller changes such as shared map progress will be a start.

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