Diablo 4 players call for classic looting feature to return

Andrew Highton
diablo 4 character close up

Diablo 4 advertises looting as a big part of its gameplay loop. While players do enjoy it, the community is in agreement that a fun tweak could make looting even more addictive.

While franchises such as Borderlands and Destiny have become synonymous with looting, Diablo is what really kickstarted the trend. Exploring, killing, and looting to see if you can find gear that supersedes the equipment you have now. Diablo 4 carries on this tradition in style.

It’s not without its flaws though in Blizzard’s latest entry in the series. For instance, the ever-popular treasure goblins have come under fire for being “underwhelming.” To improve matters, Diablo 4 fans have devised a genius way to make looting even more enjoyable – and it won’t require any effort on the players’ part.

Diablo 4 players want to see loot pets added

Reddit user Delling_Rembran posed a simple question to the Diablo 4 Reddit community: “Do you guys want loot pets?” and the thread replies were quite unanimous.

In Diablo 3, players could acquire a pet that would follow the player around and pick up loot such as Gold. Not only did it save time, but it was a neat feature that became extremely wholesome.

One user said: “Do you mean the gold collecting pet? If so yes,” and another added: “And with a fully customizable loot filter for every pet,” to prevent unwanted items from being acquired.

Excluding loot pets from the launch of Diablo 4 has hurt the game’s quality of life, according to one player: “It’s like the devs from Destiny 2 got new jobs here. I can’t understand for the life of me why you would spend YEARS improving QoL in games just to throw it all out the window when developing a sequel.”

The more cynical side of the community believes that this is a deliberate ploy to artificially add new content down the line: “Create a problem, so you can add/sell the solution later. Why come up with new features, if you can reuse the same ones in every installment of the series?”

Gold-collecting pets were a feature from Diablo 3 that allowed players to focus on demon-slaying while their little minion ran around scooping up all the Gold. The feature wasn’t available at the launch of Diablo 3 but was added in subsequent updates.

Due to loot pets often being cute or comical in nature, the feature was omitted from the more grimdark Diablo 4, but long-time fans of the series are clearly missing their avaricious little pets.

If the demand is there, then it’s likely that we’ll see loot pets return in Diablo 4. It would also take some of the heat off of the game’s recent Battle Pass news.