Diablo 4 players claim getting good items is a “full-time job”

Rory Teale
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The Diablo community debated whether the itemization of Diablo 4 was better than its predecessors, and some felt it was much worse and similar to a full-time job.

Diablo has risen in popularity since its first release in 1996 thanks to its addicting blend of RPG gameplay, and dark, mysterious storytelling.

However, for a lot of people, the crowning feature of Diablo is the loot system. It offers a seamless blend of randomization, combined with depth and variety, that can keep players grinding for hours on end trying to obtain a desired item with the perfect stats.

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However, some fans felt that not every sequel in the Diablo franchise has built upon the success of the previous game, and for some Diablo 4’s itemization is majorly worse than its predecessors

Diablo 4 players rage at itemization

One player felt that loot and Itemization had taken an obvious hit in Diablo 4, and wished that Blizzard would return to the system implemented in Diablo 2.

“Diablo 2 did itemization 1000 times better than Diablo 4. Why throw away a winning formula?” Complained the fan.

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“Diablo 2 had blue items, yellow items, white items, ethereal items, rune drops, Runewords, set items, etc. ALL item types had chances of being amazing at the extremely late end game,” said the player.

“Diablo 2 did item drops better […] Blizzard had the winning formula with D2 and I have no idea WTF they were thinking by forcing people to clean the carpets/floors before getting a 0.5% drop chance of an amazing item.

“Blizzard now makes games that brainwash people into being that “peon” worker drone slave from Warcraft. Blizzard also makes games that cater to people that actually work while playing the game (streamers). AKA, Diablo 4 is literally a job. It is not a game. […] Diablo 4 is slot machine and a full-time job (not the kind of job that you enjoy either).”

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However, not everyone agreed with the player, and some were quick to point out that many people were biased to look at the games they enjoyed in their childhood more favorably.

“I played Diablo 2 for over 5000 hours when I was a kid and teenager and find that people are too nostalgic and romanticize it too much,” said one person. “The worst case of rose-tinted glasses I have ever seen,” described the original complaints.

So, it seems the player base is torn on which Diablo game has the best looting, and only time will tell whether any future Diablo games will have a better item system.

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