Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 & WoW players blast Blizzard over BlizzCon ticket prices

Michael Gwilliam
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Blizzard revealed the dates for BlizzCon ticket sales, but fans of Diablo, Overwatch and World of Warcraft are not happy about the prices.

BlizzCon will finally be returning in-person after four years this November, with the company slated to make some big announcements and celebrate its most popular franchises.

While players have been looking forward to reconnecting with old friends in-person and experiencing the live event, the price of admission is rubbing many the wrong way.

With a $299.99 USD price tag for general admission and a whopping $799.99 USD “Portal Pass” featuring a few bonuses, fans of Blizzard games feel like it’s just not worth it.

BlizzCon prices spark outage for Diablo, OW2 & WoW players

After the prices for BlizzCon were announced, discussion spread across gaming communities, with many players displeased about the pricing.

“These prices seem insane for having less content than prior years. No StarCraft, no Heroes, only Overwatch for esports,” one player wrote on the Diablo subreddit.

blizzcon 2023 prices

BlizzCon 2023 will feature the return of the Overwatch World Cup and its final 8 teams, but previous BlizzCons also included StarCraft and other major competitions.

Others pointed out how the price has gone up in recent years, with a WoW player noting how their first BlizzCon ticket was a mere $100.

“The f**k are they smoking over there?” asked Overwatch streamer KristenRae.

“You can pay 800 bucks to meet Blizzard employees!” an Overwatch fan sarcastically exclaimed.

“For an extra $100 they take you in the back to browse through the break room fridge,” dissed another, referencing how nursing employees kept having their breast milk stolen.

We’ll have to see how well the tickets sell once they go on sale July 8 and July 22, but if this response is any indication, plenty of fans will just be watching from home.

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