Diablo 4: How to find and open Mutterlock Chests

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 mutterlock chest

For Diablo 4 players confused about how to find and open Mutterlock Chests, here’s a rundown on what to do when stumbling across one.

Diablo 4 players exploring the vast world of Sanctuary will find a variety of chests to open. The most common chests require nothing more than a button press for access.

Other types, such as the Resplendent Guardian Chests, may first task users with defeating an Elite enemy.

Then there are those of the Mutterlock variety, which, thus far, seem exclusive to Nightmare Dungeons. Here’s what Diablo players need to know about the new game’s Mutterlock Chests.

Where to find a Mutterlock Chest in Diablo 4

The Mutterlock Chest acts as the rarest chest in D4. As mentioned above, they seem to only appear in Nightmare Dungeons by most accounts. Their high rarity means they show up at random, too.

Even returning several times to a dungeon that previously played host to such a chest won’t guarantee its reappearance. As such, users who find one should at least try getting it open before continuing on with their adventure.

Mutterlock Chests are easy enough to identify, standing out courtesy of the golden chains and lock that keep them closed.

diablo 4 mutterlock chest

How to open Mutterlock Chests

Upon finding a Mutterlock Chest, players will click on it to find a series of Latin phrases listed in a long line. At this point, doing nothing is the best bet.

Players should first scour any and all nearby rooms in search of three stone inscriptions – Birth, Life, and Death. Clicking on a stone will reveal the following line of text: “The markings are illegible, but a whisper is heard.” A disembodied voice should then whisper the corresponding phrase.

After finding all three inscriptions, Diablo 4 players must return to the Mutterlock Chest, then click on the phrases they saw in the correct order – whichever words were respectively assigned to Birth, Life, and Death.

The chest should transform into a Resplendent Chest once unlocked, revealing whatever bounty awaits. Admittedly, the rewards may not always seem worthy of the effort.