Gladd shatters Twitch sub-train record during Destiny 2 drops event

Published: 2/Jul/2020 4:12 Updated: 2/Jul/2020 10:49

by Isaac McIntyre


Popular Destiny 2 streamer Sean ‘Gladd’ Gallagher has shattered his old Twitch sub-train record, which was the biggest on the platform, during a Bungie-helmed drops event for the huge online first-person shooter.

A new Destiny 2 promotion, in partnership with Twitch, means Guardians who link their two accounts and gift two subscriptions will unlock an in-game emblem, shader, and more. It’s a simple promo, but one that’s sent Gladd’s sub-count shooting into the stratosphere.

On July 1, the Twitch star hopped on for his usual stream. In regards to the promo, he asked his fans to save their two gifted subs for “smaller streamers” instead of him. Luckily for him, they ignored him, and started piling on the subs.

His sub-train count, which the streamer keeps track of just above his face-cam, ticked over to 13,000 just hours into the broadcast before a crash threatened to derail the historic moment.

Gladd was able to recover soon after, however, and the ever-growing sub-train picked up its steam just as quickly as before. As of publication, Dexerto can confirm the Destiny steamer’s ‘train’ count is sitting at 25,238, and it isn’t slowing down.

Needless to say, Gladd was shocked. The lowest sub-option, Tier 1, clocks in at around $4.99 USD. That means if every subscriber in the train chose the lower option, and assuming Gladd is taking home most of the profits, he’s already made over $125,000.

To keep the train going, Gladd has remained on stream for more than 35 hours as well. The up-time on his current broadcast reads just under 23 hours, but once you add on the original crash his live time rockets up into more than a day and a half.

Gladd has already cleared the 25k mark in his Twitch sub-train, and it doesn't look like it's slowing down either.
Twitch: Gladd
Gladd has already cleared the 25k mark in his Twitch sub-train, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down either.

It doesn’t look like he’s slowing down either. He declared during one of the Destiny 2 Raids he was running through that he was “sticking around as long as people kept subscribing” before adding he was “just blown away” by it all.

“This train is beyond intense… it’s just absurd. It’s so weird. I don’t know how I’m supposed to react to something like this,” he said.“If I don’t end the stream the train just continues? Just thinking about it is actually blowing my mind.”

The historic Twitch stream hasn’t been without a spoonful of controversy either though. The streamer made the decision to air some of his old Raid re-runs to “take a quick break,” which drew ire from many of the viewers in his chat.

He apologized soon after: “I’m truly sorry if I’ve upset you. It’s been an overwhelming stream, I was losing steam, chat was hyped, and I needed to step away… I made a choice in the heat of the moment to keep chat’s hype going; it was the inner entertainer in me. Next time I’ll try to think of others.”

Right now, Gladd’s stream is still live. Not only that, but the sub-train only seems to be slowly picking up pace; the Twitch star could be on-track to hit 30,000 soon if he chooses to stay on long enough to hit his 48th-hour broadcasting. Dexerto will keep you updated on the milestones as his stream continues.

He’s also confirmed he’s going to “take it as long as he can go” for the time being. “I think I can stay on. If need be I can put it [the stream] in a null category for a bit and do a sleeping stream or something. We’ll talk about it when we get there.”


Destiny 2 players outraged over Beyond Light’s “weak” new Raid Exotic

Published: 29/Nov/2020 23:30

by Julian Young


Destiny 2 players love powerful gear, and with several new exotic weapons released in Beyond Light there are plenty of exciting items to acquire. However, one new weapon – exotic rocket launcher Eyes of Tomorrow – is severely underperforming, and fans aren’t happy.

In any Destiny 2 expansion, the main attraction for most players is new gear. In Beyond Light, there have been plenty of new weapons and armor pieces to chase despite a portion of the game’s older inventory being sunset.

The new expansion introduced several exotics, including the rocket launcher Eyes of Tomorrow. The weapon’s unique perks allow it to fire rockets at multiple targets, and increase the weapon’s damage if enough enemies are eliminated in a single volley.

Unlocked by the first completion of the Deep Stone Crypt raid, Guardians have gotten their hands on the weapon and tested it out themselves. After spending some time with the rocket launcher, the community discovered the weapon is not as powerful as they originally believed.

Destiny 2 Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic
Players are feeling underwhelmed by Destiny 2’s new exotic rocket launcher.

Eyes of Tomorrow underwhelms

In separate Reddit posts – one on r/DestinyTheGame and the other on r/RaidSecrets – players have identified at least two areas where Eyes of Tomorrow is severely underperforming.

In the first post, ‘u/out_of_phase44’ describes how after receiving the rocket launcher and feeling it was underpowered, they took it into several activities to perform some testing.

Eyes of Tomorrow’s Deceptively Low DPS from DestinyTheGame

After testing, they noticed the launcher “seems to have an arbitrary ~50% damage reduction against raid bosses.”

By comparing the launcher’s DPS against One Thousand Voices – an exotic introduced in Forsaken’s Last Wish raid – they discovered the new launcher is extremely underpowered compared to its counterpart.

Destiny 2 One Thousand Voices Exotic
Eyes of Tomorrow seems to be severely outclassed by other exotics, like Forsaken’s One Thousand Voices.

In the second post, user ‘u/KuaiBan’ had a similar feeling about Eyes of Tomorrow after acquiring it, and decided to do some testing in Lost Sectors and Master Nightfalls. They tested the launcher against another exotic – the Xenophage machine gun – and had similar findings.

Eyes of Tomorrow bugged, dealing massively reduced damage in Nightfall Ordeals from raidsecrets

u/KuaiBan discovered the exotic is also experiencing reduced damage within the game’s Nightfalls, saying “After the tests, I have to conclude that Eyes of Tomorrow is acting weird in Master Nightfalls, dealing massively reduced damage for some reason.”

They went on to say that after some additional testing, Eyes of Tomorrow is being outperformed by several legendary rocket launchers as well.

Both users concluded that the new exotic is badly outclassed by both equal and lesser-quality gear in Raid and Nightfall activities.

Destiny 2 Xenophage Exotic
Bungie has yet to confirm whether they will buff Eyes of Tomorrow like they have with other underperforming exotics, like the Xenophage machine gun.

Bug or intended behavior?

At the time of writing, Bungie has not officially responded to either Reddit thread. Players have yet to receive confirmation that the reduced damage output is intended or simply a bug that needs to be fixed.

Regardless of the root cause, the Destiny 2 community voiced their frustration loudly in the comments sections of both posts.

Responses like “God Bungie really knows how to ruin hype, don’t they,” and “I love this game . . . but I absolutely f**king hate this type of bulls**t they do,” were found frequently in the comments of both posts.

Destiny 2 players will need to wait for an response from Bungie on whether Eyes of Tomorrow is bugged or functioning as intended. Guardians should keep an eye on Bungie social media and the two Reddit threads for updates.