Destiny 2 Warlocks mourn the loss of fan favorite exotic with season 21 changes

Liam Ho
Starfire Protocol Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players are mourning the loss of one of Warlock’s best exotics, Starfire Protocol, which is being changed alongside several others in Season of the Deep.

Exotics are a core part of Destiny 2. These insanely powerful pieces of equipment can often make and break player builds, meaning getting the perfect exotic for your build is immensely important. Exotic armor and weapon often grant a special bonus to the wearer, typically augmenting a player’s capabilities.

One such exotic armor piece is the Starfire Protocol chest piece for Warlocks. Warlocks have used this heralded chest piece since the introduction of Solar 3.0. Its exotic perk Fusion Harness enables powerful builds revolving around Warlock’s Fusion Grenade. This exotic has become quite meta in recency, so much so that it’s crowded out other Warlock exotics and builds.

Bungie has caught wind of this, however, and is looking to cut down on Starfire Protocol’s power with Season of the Deep. As such, many Warlock mains have come to the Destiny 2 Reddit to grieve about their soon-to-be nerfed exotic friend.

Destiny 2 Warlocks share memes in commemoration of Starfire Protocol nerfs

Starfire Protocol will be taking quite the hit on Season of the Deep’s release. In a recent post, Bungie revealed they are reducing the amount of energy gained per instance of damage from 20% down to a measly 2.5%. However, empowered weapon kills will now grant 20% grenade energy, fundamentally shifting the exotic from its previous iteration.

The memes about the Starfire Protocol nerfs have resonated well with the Destiny 2 community, gaining thousands of likes, with players discussing what’s next for the space wizards.

Some players are glad that they are now free of their Starfire Shackles. Some even stated how ugly they found the exotic, thankful for a change.

“That is exactly my feelings.. So happy I can finally u equip that fugly-ass exotic. Worst looking one ingame for any class.” one player responded.

“Drip is back on the table boys” another proclaimed.

Whilst Starfire Protocol has met its untimely demise, Bungie’s slew of changes coming to exotics in Season of the Deep should mean new options are on the table for Destiny’s Warlocks.