Destiny 2 players stunned by Graviton Lance PvE buff: “New meta just dropped”

Kurt Perry
The Graviton Lance Exotic Pulse Rifle from Destiny 2 with UI hidden.

Following Bungie’s announcement of the mid-season weapon tuning patch, Destiny 2 players have become excited about proposed Graviton Lance buffs that they believe could make it meta in PvE.

The words Graviton Lance and meta are no strangers to one another. Ever since the start of Season of the Deep, the Exotic Pulse Rifle has dominated the PvP meta thanks to its excellent TTK and ease of use.

Its performance in PvP was so strong that it was targeted in the mid-season weapon tuning update, seeing the effects of its catalyst reduced.

However, that’s not what has gotten the Destiny 2 community talking. Instead, it’s the Graviton Lance’s upcoming buffs in PvE that have players believing it will be the next meta Primary weapon.

Graviton Lance buff sees it deal 67% more damage in PvE

The Graviton Lance is getting a monster buff in PvE that will see its base damage increased by 67%. This buff strictly applies to shots fired and not its unique trait, Cosmology.

Following the announcement, Destiny 2 players couldn’t hide their excitement, with one player posting: “I had to reread it a few times to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding or misreading the text. I thought [Gravtion Lance] was already great in PvE. It is going to be cracked now!”

This was a sentiment shared by the community with responses such as “New meta just dropped,” and “67%?! What the f**k,” receiving a lot of upvotes.

While most players were happy to see Graviton Lance buffed, some felt that other Exotics needed the buff more: “Damn, I wish other pulses like Bad Juju could get a similar 67% PvE damage buff.”

Not everyone was convinced the buff is that substantial: “More of a bugfix, really. When they increased [Graviton Lance] fire rate a month ago, PvE damage was reduced by like 50%.”

The referenced rework happened at the start of Season 21. The Graviton Lance saw its fire rate increase from 257 RPM to 300 RPM. However, this came at the cost of reduced damage per shot.

This change saw it become dominant in PvP but considerably less effective in PvE. If this latest buff will simply revert it back to its previous state or make Graviton Lance one of Destiny 2’s best Primary weapons is to be seen.