Destiny 2 players concerned that resilience stat has broken amidst buggy patch

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Destiny 2 players are concerned that the resilience stat is no longer working after the recent patch was filled with bugs and glitches that broke the game.

The recent patch for Destiny 2 has had quite a negative impact on the game. Whilst originally intended to bring in some minor buffs and a new commendation, it appears that several bugs and glitches were also brought into the game.

These bugs have had the Destiny 2 player base up in arms, with players beginning to create lists of the current bugs that were brought into the game with the patch. This prompted Bungie to take swift action, releasing a hotfix patch shortly after to soothe some of the issues brought in.

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Unfortunately, it appears a new bug has entered the game involving players’ resilience stats, causing a mass of confusion for the community.

Players have noticed that they’re suddenly taking much more damage than usual in Destiny 2, with Guardians reporting content becoming much more difficult as a result. Many have reported to the same Reddit thread about their own experience, also expressing how the difficulty felt like it had suddenly shot up after the recent patch.

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“I was having a tough time last night in battlegrounds and was confused why all of a sudden it was challenging.” a commenter empathized.

One Redditor believed they had the answer to player questions, stating that the resilience stat in the game is currently broken, and not working as intended.

For those unaware, resilience allows players to take reduced damage from attacks, with the value increasing as they put more resilience into their build. This stat can be incredibly important whilst running higher-level content, as it can make the difference between hitting critical health and dying completely.

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Bungie has since responded to the Reddit thread, stating that they will start an “investigation with the team.” However, the certainty of resilience being broken is 100% as players have discovered that tests have shown that there has been “no difference in their performance as of yet”.

It’s uncertain what the cause of this mysterious damage increase is aside from resilience, however, with Bungie and the Destiny 2 community collectively scratching their heads on what this newest bug could be.

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