Destiny 2 players frustrated with bugs & crashes in new patch

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Destiny 2’s newest patch has brought with it several bugs, crashes, and downtime that has the player base upset at the state of their game.

As a game as a service, Destiny 2 is constantly being updated with patches that bring new features, stories, and other content into the game. Alongside this new content, Bungie uses these patches to fix any bugs or issues that snuck their way into the game, ensuring a healthy experience for their community.

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Unfortunately, the recent patch for Destiny 2 has done the complete opposite, introducing several bugs and errors, causing a decent amount of uproar from the community.

Destiny 2 players took to Reddit to cite the several issues they’ve encountered and vent their frustration about their experience on the current patch.

Reddit users were able to compile a list of everything broken in the current patch, listing off issues like extreme audio problems, multiple glitches with modifications, and an incompletable story mission.

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The player base of Bungie’s looter shooter is not happy, with many fed up with the frequent and sustained issues the game has been facing. “You are seeing the real time results of a game built to only ever grow so large over two or three years being stretched into its sixth.” a user pointed out.

One user went so far as to claim the game is being run by a B team instead.

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However, not everyone shared the angered sentiment, with individuals defending Bungie. Noting how difficult squashing bugs is in a game like Destiny. “99 lines of bugs in the code, 99 lines of bugs. Take one down, patch it all out: 256 lines of bugs in the code.” a user chanted.

Other Redditors tried to look on a more positive side, sharing an anecdote about grabbing plenty of exotics whilst raiding on the new patch. “On a more positive note, everyone on my team got random exotics given to us during a Nezzy run last night. Not from the chest, just standing at the raid banner.”

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Destiny 2 hastily reveals missing patch notes from update amid player frustration

During this time, Bungie released a hotfix into the game in an attempt to soothe player frustration. The Destiny developer admitted that they had “missed out” on some earlier patch notes, and posted them on their Twitter.

Due to their hastiness to put out the notes, players noticed that Bungie had made multiple errors in their tweets. These included incorrectly numbering dot points, with the points going 9, 10, 11, and then 10 again.

Alongside this, players pointed out that Bungie had incorrectly referenced some of the mods and weapons, with Harsh Language being called a shotgun instead of a grenade launcher.

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