“Absurd” Nightfall Guardian Rank Triumph in Destiny 2: Lightfall has players frustrated

Liam Ho
Destiny 2 Lightfall Strike with Neomuna in the Background

A Guardian Rank requirement for Vanquisher has Destiny 2 players frustrated at Bungie due to its almost impossible nature.

Destiny 2’s Lightfall has introduced a bunch of new things into the massively popular looter shooter. The expansion has brought about a new campaign, location, and subclass, with multiple revamps of previous clunkier systems. This included the new armor and weapon modification system, as well as introducing a loadout tab to allow for easy swapping between builds for players.

Lightfall’s reception has been a point of contention amongst the player base, however, with many Guardians finding the story left something to be desired. Though many were happy with some of the other system changes made to Destiny 2, which desperately needed it at its 6th year running.

One new system introduced into the game was Guardian Ranks, which are supposed to help indicate to other players how experienced you are. Guardian Ranks start at level one and can go up to the highest of 12, with players needing to complete objectives in order to rank up. As such, veteran D2 grinders have been on their way to completing many of the objectives to see how far they can go.

Unfortunately, many grinders have run into a hitch with the system, as a requirement for Rank nine states that players must score a total of 200k points in a Nightfall. Nightfall Strikes are more difficult versions of essentially a story mission, offering more capable players a greater challenge for more end-game rewards. However, receiving a total score of 200k is incredibly difficult, and all for the wrong reasons.

Destiny 2 players frustrated at the high requirements for Guardian Rank 9

The highest difficulty of Nightfall currently available is Master, giving the highest total multiplier for players to earn the 200k points with. However, players have discovered that even when completing a strike on Master difficulty, most don’t have enough enemies for players to earn points from. This results in players needing to revive farm before they reach the final boss room, forcing Guardians to keep jumping off the map so a teammate can revive them, netting more potential points.

Players have questioned this 200k point requirement, as they feel it no longer tests the skill of the fireteam themselves and becomes more of a hassle to complete. Some have taken to Bungie’s forum to even ask for a fix to this issue.

“Yeah not sure where Bungies playtesters went this season,” one player chimed in. “I’ve always thought it was a meme that ‘Bungie doesn’t play their game,'” another added. “But a lot of stuff lately genuinely makes me wonder if Bungie actually does play their game, in a meaningful capacity anyway.”

Grandmaster Nightfalls are yet to be released into Destiny 2, however, meaning that this requirement should become more feasible on this difficulty. For now, it seems players will need to just farm revives on Master Difficulty until Bungie makes a fix.

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