Valve patches viral CSGO Mirage smoke bug during PGL Major

Bill Cooney

Just a day after an egregious CSGO smoke bug went viral for a clip of it being exploited during the PGL Antwerp Major, Valve has pushed an update to patch it out.

The bug allows players to see out of a cloud of smoke even though their enemies couldn’t see in. Otherwise known as a ‘one-way smoke.’

A video of the glitch went viral on May 14 after being used by G2’s mONSEY against Imperial during a match at the PGL Major on May 14. Teams won’t have that chance anymore though, since Valve has patched the problem.

Valve patches CSGO Mirage smoke bug during PGL Antwerp

The patch notes are almost comically short for the May 15 update, simply stating that Valve “fixed a recently reported smoke bug.”

There’s no doubt which smoke bug is getting fixed either, if you’ve been tuned in during PGL Antwerp it should be pretty clear.

While the turnaround to patch the bug took less than a day, it still didn’t happen in time for the PGL matches on May 15.

That being said, at least it will be fixed headed into Round 4, with matches beginning there on May 16.

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