PGL criticized for allowing CSGO smoke bug at Antwerp Major after G2 clip goes viral

Joe Craven
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Tournament organizers PGL have been criticized by the CS:GO community following their decision to allow smokes at the ongoing Antwerp Major, despite a game-breaking bug emerging with the tactical projectiles. 

CS:GO fans have been tuning into the PGL Antwerp Major, which kicked off back on May 9 (Challengers Stage) and concludes on May 22 when a winner will take home their $500,000 share of the prize pool.

We’ve seen some incredible matches but, as has become frustratingly common in the CS:GO esports space, we’ve seen some bugs and exploits detract from the tournament spectacle.

The latest controversy relates to an egregious smoke bug, which allows players fully immersed in smoke to see out of it and gun enemies who are none the wiser. Occurring in a G2 vs Imperial match, the glitch quickly went viral on Twitter as fans sought to draw attention to the problem.

However, rather surprisingly, PGL confirmed they will not ban smokes and will continue to use the latest client version of CS:GO.

A statement read: “We are using the latest client version of CS:GO, and we will allow the smoke going forward.”

Responses were very critical of the organizers, with pro player Karrigan joking that he’s going “find all lineups on all maps”.

On a similar note, FaZe Clan player Broky asked: “what are you smoking?”

However, players were quick to discuss the problem and, as of the publication of this article, the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) announced that it has been GA’d by the attending teams.

Their comment read: “All teams at the Major have agreed to not use the smoke exploit.”

Regardless, many remained disappointed with PGL’s decision, asking why a simple adjustment was not authorised to take the bug out of the game at a root level.

With plenty of storylines still to be written, keep tuned to Dexerto for all the latest from Antwerp.

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