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Stats reveal most clutch CS:GO pro players of all time

Published: 10/Aug/2019 14:04 Updated: 10/Aug/2019 15:04

by Daniel Cleary


If you’ve ever wondered which Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player has successfully pulled off the most clutches at big events, statistics have settled the debate once and for all, thanks to HLTV.

CS:GO is one of the most popular esports, partly thanks to the ability for an individual player to grab a round by the scruff of the neck and pull off an incredible highlight, or ‘clutch’.

It’s the reason that millions tune in to the big tournaments, such as the upcoming StarLadder Berlin Major, in the hope of catching the best plays from the best players.

DreamhackXyp9x has always been regarded as one of the most clutch players in CS:GO.

Although players like s1mple and ZywOo are known for their flashy highlight plays, fans have long debated which player is the most ‘clutch’ in the big moments.

A clutch is counted as any time a player wins a round left as the last man standing and new stats shared by HLTV revealed just which pro players made up the top three.

The statistics revealed that Astralis’ Andreas ‘Xyp9x’ Højsleth led the way with a staggering 228 successful clutches at big events, closely followed by the former Brazilian duo of Marcelo ‘coldzera‘ David and Gabriel ‘FalleN‘ Toledo with 184 and 176 clutches, respectively.

It should come as no shock to see Xyp9x holding the top spot, as the Astralis pro has always been known to be confident in his plays as the last player alive, regardless of who he was up against.

However, fans were surprised to see both coldzera and FalleN up so high as they had teamed together under MiBR for such a long period making their number even more impressive.

The current clutch king, Xyp9x, also holds the crown for the most prize money earned by any professional player in CS:GO, making a strong argument for himself to be considered among the best players of all time.

There will be younger players hoping to usurp these veterans, like the aforementioned ZywOo, or Team Liquid’s resident clutch expert, Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken.

All of the top players will be looking to add some more clutches to their name when the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 kicks off on August 20, offering another $1 million prize pool for those competing.


FACEIT offer $55k pot for collegiate Valorant, CSGO & League of Legends

Published: 29/Oct/2020 9:22

by Alan Bernal


Esports platform FACEIT is putting together a host of leagues for collegiate North American teams to vie for a $55,000 pot across League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Valorant circuits.

The deadline for college players to sign up will be November 1, after which the TO will move ahead with a two-division system for CSGO & Valorant as well as regional qualifiers for League of Legends.

For the two tactical shooters, FACEIT will have a “Premier league, for top-tier competition, and Contenders league, for more casual competition.”

College players should note that the Premier and Contenders league will have a registration fee of $125 per team and $75 per team, respectively.

FACEIT will give aspiring esports players a chance to compete for cash in Valorant, LoL, and CSGO.

CSGO & Valorant leagues

From the $55,000 pot, CSGO will get a $30,000 prize pool, $5,000 of which will supply the Contenders league winnings. Meanwhile, FACEIT is putting $10,000 up for grabs in Valorant.

Both Premier and Contenders will have a 10-week Swiss format regular season that will lead into a single elimination playoff in Spring 2021.

Matches start on November 5-10 with the regular season’s 10th match scheduled for February 18-23, so student teams will have months to plan, prepare, and play out the full season.

The playoffs are planned to take place in March through April in the new year, with the Championship following after.

Riot Games
FACEIT will hold collegiate varsity events for Valorant and CSGO.

League of Legends

FACEIT will produce a three-phase LoL circuit that will eventually decide which team claims the biggest take of the $15,000 prize pool.

State-wide qualifiers, consisting of 16 teams each, are going to take place in the US and Canada. These will decide which teams make it into the Regional Stage. The top four teams that make it out of the Regionals will go on to the Finals for the biggest share of the $15,000 pot.

The breakdown of target dates for FACEIT’s state-wide LoL events.

Every state qualifying tournament will require a $100 registration fee, 50% of which goes to the prize pool. FACEIT gave this example: “if the California tournament has 10 teams, there will be a $500 prize for that.”

To get more information on the collegiate leagues, head over to FACEIT’s hub to register your team.