Shroud demands CSGO step up to compete with Valorant in 2022: “Game is dated as hell”

shroud on the state of csgoValve/Twitch/shroud

Popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is encouraging Valve to step up with CSGO content in 2022 to compete with Riot and Valorant.

Since its release, Valorant has taken the tactical FPS world by storm. With CSGO’s aim mechanics and unique agent abilities from games such as Overwatch and Apex Legends, Riot has managed to captivate audiences.

Now, with the release of Neon, shroud is hoping that this can be a wake-up call for CSGO and push Valve to start updating the game.

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However, it might take quite a bit for the classic FPS to truly impress the former C9 superstar.

Shroud says Valorant is “walking all over” CSGO

After watching a video for the newest Valorant agent, Neon, shroud immediately wondered what Counter-Strike was doing before answering his rhetorical question.

“Nothing. F**king hell. CS, step your game up!” he blasted. “Valve is pissing me off. They’re letting Riot and Valorant walk all over them. They don’t care!”

Hey, if Valve is into being walked all over, we’re not ones to kink shame, but for Grzesiek, he believes the game is in dire need of some big updates.

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Valorant update neonRiot Games
Valorant continues to release new Agents on the regular.

“[CSGO] is far from perfect. The game is f**king dated as hell. I mean, they just gotta work on it, you know?” he said before suggesting some ideas. “Either they can do the DOTA 2 attempt and try to update it engine-wise. Or just make a whole new f**king game and get innovative.”

For shroud, the latter would be nice because it would mean players wouldn’t be forced into the same maps all-day in endless repetition.

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Whether or not Valve listens or has something in the works remains to be seen, but as 2022 rolls on, it will be fun to see how the two tactical FPS heavyweights compete and if CSGO can step up like shroud hopes.

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