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Ridiculous knife skin concept is the perfect fit for CS:GO

Published: 23/Oct/2019 19:37 Updated: 23/Oct/2019 20:59

by Bill Cooney


Custom weapon skin concepts are a popular topic among CS:GO fans but a new idea making the rounds might be one of the most unique yet. 

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The knife is the basic melee weapon in Counter-Strike and there are thousands upon thousands of skins available to unlock for it.

Now, a new knife skin concept is gaining popularity among CS:GO fans but it might have a tough time becoming an actual, useable skin.

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It’s multiple knives in one!

Reddit user Defoxx posted a photoshopped image of a CS:GO character holding a Swiss Army Knife along with a request to have it added to the game, and it quickly shot to the top of the r/GlobalOffensive subreddit.


They also suggested that each time you pull out the weapon, a different tool would appear at random. So you could find yourself dispatching opponents with a tactical corkscrew or something.

Petition for a new knife. Which tool you whip out is random. from r/GlobalOffensive

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Even though the skin is great idea, it might have a tough time finding it’s way into the game itself according to a user in the comments.

Reddit user GISP pointed out that Victorinox, the company that makes the Swiss Army Knife, doesn’t give permission to use it in any games, movies or other media.

The discussion did bring up another favorite knife skin concept, one that isn’t protected by any pesky copyright restrictions – the simple plastic knife.


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Now that’s a knife

The plastic knife concept was cooked up all the way back in March of 2015 by YouTuber sparkwire and it’s not just one little utensil – they even included a whole box along with the weapon.

Occasionally the plastic knife will break, and your character pulls out another one from the box – whether spoons and forks can also be utilized is sadly unknown though.