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Popular caster Moses joins Team Liquid CSGO as head coach

Published: 9/Aug/2020 19:52

by Bill Cooney


Shortly after the departure of head coach Eric ‘adreN’ Hoag, Team Liquid announced that longtime caster Jason ‘Moses’ O’Toole would be stepping up to lead the org’s CSGO squad going forward.

Moses has been one of Counter-Strike’s most recognizable personalities since he became heavily involved in the Global Offensive casting scene starting in 2015. Just turn on any random major CSGO event from 2015 on and there’s a good chance he’ll pop up somewhere.


The veteran player and caster is a very interesting pick up as the new head coach for Team Liquid. If the North American org was looking for someone who knows their CSGO, then they really couldn’t have done any better.

The fan-favorite caster has been involved in the game in one way or another for over 20 years at this point and, by his own admission, has “lived and breathed Counter-Strike” for the last five years. But, like every other coach and player in top-level CS:GO, the goal remains the same – to raise a trophy at a live major as the undisputed champions.


“You’ve been a player, you’ve been a commentator, what can you do when you’re leading a team?” the caster now-turned coach said in his reveal video. “That’s the challenge that inspired me to take this on.”

As for Liquid’s prospects under the banner of a new head coach, Moses seems confident the storied org can once again return to its winning ways and be a force to be reckoned with once live CSGO majors return.

“We have an era of online Counter-Strike right now where everything’s kind of uncertain. Everyone’s talking about how the practice is inefficient, and the competition isn’t quite there, isn’t at the top level, so it’s hard to improve and it’s hard for a team to find its groove,” he explained. “The short term goal has to be as getting this team as prepared as possible for when events return. Use this online time wisely.”


The arrival of Moses comes after the departure of former Liquid head coach adreN, who had been leading the team since late 2018 and was at the helm when they were the top North American team in ESL Pro League Season 11.

It’s been a big weekend for Team Liquid that all seemed to happen very fast, even so, it’s safe to say the team is entering a whole new era with their fans, and those who enjoy CSGO in general, eager to see what Moses can do as head coach.


The stats that prove kennyS is CSGO’s AWP GOAT

Published: 1/Oct/2020 10:48

by Shane King


Kenny ‘kennyS’ Schrub is arguably Counter-Strike’s greatest AWPer of all-time and is considered one of the game’s most mechanically gifted players in history.

Kenny, has reached heights most aspiring pros could only dream of. But after leading his all-French lineup to their Major win, the sniping sensation has had his fair share of ups and downs.


After his roller-coaster time at Envy, Schrub moved to G2 Esports and this is where everything started falling into place. After taking some time restructuring the French AWPer now finds himself among a roster of players willing to support his unorthodox style of play.

One of the most impressive stats the veteran has is that he holds the record for the most AWP kills of all time with 18,371, with Guardian coming in second with 16,214, and ENCE star Allu is in third with 13,862.


A now rejuvenated Kenny is leading G2’s charge back to the top of CS:GO, but is the AWP GOAT past his sell-by date? Here’s what the stats say.