CS2 Major stage crashed by protestors over gambling sites

Carver Fisher

The CS2 Copenhagen Major was thrown into chaos as two protestors attending the event rushed the stage, with them falling over near the trophy and smashing it into pieces.

The PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major has been an incredibly successful event so far, with over a million viewers tuning in to watch the best teams in Counter-Strike 2 duking it out. However, the event was quickly thrown into chaos during a match.

Two fans rushed the stage during a match, and, though security on-site quickly apprehended them, the trophy that was placed center-stage fell over as they were being detained.

The trophy can be seen breaking into several pieces as it falls from the podium, with fans in attendance booing the two stage-rushers as they were detained.

This booing could be clearly heard on the broadcast as well, with the casters trying their best not to let the incidents on stage distract from the match. Although, when the pause was confirmed, one of the casters could be heard saying “clowns” before they cut to a break.

CSGO Empire have claimed ownership of the stunt, with them alleging that CSGORoll, one of G2’s sponsors, is a “scam casino” that steals people’s money. They’ve alleged that CSGORoll has been used to launder money in the past, and the two sites have been feuding for a while.

Monarch, CSGO Empire’s owner, was banned from Kick following the incident, but not before claiming his workers would be fired if they didn’t rush the stage.

“I’m gonna be disappointed if nothing happens. If s*** doesn’t hit the fan, a bunch of people will be fire, and tomorrow we’re gonna go full thrust.” He also claimed that he’d be able to “outpay everyone” and that there wouldn’t be enough security guards to keep them out.

The PGL have since addressed the situation and had this to say on the matter:

“Our event experienced an attempted disruption. We temporarily halted the match to ensure everyone’s safety. The individuals involved were removed by police. We will be pressing charges against the disruptors.”

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