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May 14 CS:GO update patch notes – Economy and map fixes, Danger Zone changes and more

Published: 15/May/2019 0:12 Updated: 15/May/2019 0:44

by Alan Bernal


Valve have made a ton of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players happy with their May 14 update that’s going to give the game awesome new lobby features along with crucial tweaks to Matchmaking and Danger Zone.

The legendary team-shooter has seen its share of big updates in the past, but this time Valve are introducing major quality of life updates for the seven-year-old title while cleaning up some of the game’s maps.

The May 14 update has brought in everything from an update to round money loss, to big changes for community maps Ruby as well as Workout, a new queue feature and tons more.

via CrushimzThe new change to the loss bonus money is going to let teams be formidable for much longer.

Loss Bonus money gets a big update

CS:GO players both casual and professional have been clamoring about the need to change up how the game handles loss bonus money, especially after winning a round.

With the next update for the game “loss bonus money will now always step down to $2,900 after a team with a $3,400 max loss bonus streak wins a round.”

This came to the delight of a lot of notable CS:GO players who have been hoping for the change to come for some time.

Valve are refining Ruby

The community map is going to be getting tons of bug fixes and new additions implemented that will change how it looks a bit.

Valve have put in a boost in Alley as well in mid for the T’s giving the map a bit more flexibility for players to try out. Similarly, they also “trimmed excessive areas” which hopefully means there won’t be as much empty map anymore.

The devs have also rerouted Alley from A main to mid. This change is one in a few fixes that will improve the “flow” of the map to improve the gameplay experience.

ValveOne of the newer maps is getting some much needed fixes.

Workout is getting touch ups

While Workout’s changes won’t be as extensive, the devs are cleaning up the map to make it easier to operate.

A “rogue spawn point” on the map has been deleted, and the devs have also “fixed boosting into the hole in Kids Zone.”

The court area of the map had its shadows tweaked, while the shower area is going to be slightly more illuminated after the update.

ValveValve is sprucing up some of Workout’s more bothersome areas.

Game changing queue feature

Valve have added a new “looking to play” option that will look to make queuing up with people much more streamlined.

Simply click on the new button and “you’ll be added to a list of players who are ready to team up.”

The feature will work both ways too, as teams who are missing a few players for a full squad will be able to pick players in the “looking to play” list and quickly add them to their game.

ValveNew items in Danger Zone will give players a different perspective of looking at the game.

Danger Zone will make it easier to track you down

The CS:GO battle royale mode is getting a plethora of changes with the next update.

A new change is going to give dropped shields from death a slight delay before they’re able to be automatically picked up by another player.

From different starting item options, to a new Drone Pilot upgrade in the Tablet Buy Menu that lets you spy on players, Danger Zone players are going to want to bone up on the new features before parachuting in.

There is a lot to unpack in CS:GO’s latest update, so make sure to get the full scope of what’s to come in the patch notes below.

Release Notes for 5/14/2019

2019.05.14 –

– Unlocked Drone Pilot Tablet, Bonus Wave Money, Bonus Explore Money, and Armor+Helmet as starting item options.
– Drone Pilot upgrade is now available for purchase in the Tablet Buy Menu.
– Tasers will now always open the crate they are fired at; they no longer sometimes do partial crate damage.
– Shields dropped from death have a slight delay before being automatically picked by nearby players.
– Fixed some instances of safe models spawning in midair.
– Fixed item outline colors on dropped grenades.
– Map collision fixes and stuck spot removals, and a few visual bugs squashed too.

– Loss bonus money will now always step down to $2,900 after a team with a $3,400 max loss bonus streak wins a round.

[ UI ]
– Introducing the “Looking to Play” feature: players can now advertise themselves as available for party invites, can be invited by other parties from the “Looking to Play” tab of their CS:GO friends list, and can accept party invites from the CS:GO main menu.
– Introducing CS:GO Events: players can now see an HLTV-provided schedule of professional LAN events in the Watch tab. Favorite your preferred community tournaments and get notified about professional live matches on the CS:GO main menu.

[ MISC ]
– Friends and other players can no longer join lobbies that already entered matchmaking queue.
– Fixed exploits related to vote commands.

[ MAPS ]
– Latest updates to community maps Ruby and Workout.

– Minor bug fixes
– Clean up
– Added setdressing
– Added boost in Alley
– Added boost spot in mid for Ts
– Overall gameplay tweaks
– Trimmed excessive areas
– Improved overall gameplay flow
– Large changes to mid to improve flow
– Rerouted alley from A main to mid
– Removed ladder bug
– Removed pixel walk

– Fixed boosting into the hole in Kids Zone
– Deleted a rogue spawn point
– Fixed some shadow issues in the court area
– Brightened the shower area slightly

[ SDK ]
– VBSP: Fixed a rare bug in displacement physics hull generation during map compilation that could result in large gaps near the edges of completely flat displacement surfaces.


S1mple banned again on Twitch for fourth time over “aggression”

Published: 30/Oct/2020 22:28

by Bill Cooney


CS:GO star Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev has apparently been banned again on Twitch, for his fourth time in total on the platform.

The Ukrainian is the star of Natus Vincere’s CSGO squad and generally considered one of the best CS:GO players in the entire world, but even that isn’t enough to save you from the wrath of Twitch mods.

S1mple is no stranger to temporary bans from the site, and it seems he added to his tally again on Oct. 30, with his channel being taken offline out of nowhere.

It seems that like in the past, the pro has once again been banned for using a slur while streaming, but this latest episode isn’t quite like the others.

Shortly after news of the ban dropped, s1mple Tweeted that he was banned for using a Russian slur, but he claims he only said it because he was upset with another player for saying it on his stream.

“It’s funny that I get banned for aggression towards a person that says the word “Pidor” and specifically tries to ban me on the platform,” he wrote. “I try to condemn him for this and say the forbidden word because I have a negative attitude towards it (because of rules).”

While s1mple filled fans in on why he was banned, he didn’t mention how long he would be off of the platform for. Looking at his past infractions though, and it’s safe to say he’s probably looking at a 7-day break, at the very least.

The site has been known to ban repeat offenders for longer if they continue to get in hot water for the same thing, but considering how big of a name s1mple is and the circumstances surrounding this particular incident, it’s hard to say.

A good number of his fans noted that Twitch was quick to ban the Na’Vi pro after he slipped up, but still haven’t taken action against any one of the countless channels that rebroadcast s1mple’s streams to try and steal viewers.

Still, the pro doesn’t seem so much bothered by the ban as he does annoyed, which makes sense because he doesn’t really need to stream so to speak, considering all the money he’s made playing CS:GO professionally. That doesn’t really help his fans though, who will have to find someone else to watch while they wait for his return.