Kephrii accuses others of cheating in CSGO event after backlash

Sam Comrie
an image of streamer brian kephrii st pierre

Twitch streamer Brian ‘Kephrii’ St. Pierre has accused fellow CSGO players Nick Bunyun and Tiffae of cheating, after Kephrii himself was removed from the $100k ReadyUp Invitational tournament.

The $100,000 CSGO tournament, ReadyUp Invitational, is well underway but has already garnered considerable controversy. Twitch streamers Brian ‘Kephrii’ St. Pierre and Gale Adelaide were accused of cheating, as other players claimed that despite playing on opposing teams, they were allowing each other to collect high point kills to climb up the rankings.

After Kephrii and Adelaide were removed from the tournament, Kephrii is now alleging that fellow CSGO players Nick Bunyun and Tiffae were also “teaming” during the event.

Kephrii claims there are “countless examples” of cheating

After his dismissal from the ReadyUp Invitational, Kephrii began to study footage of other CSGO competitors amid his own cheating accusations. Full Squad Gaming co-founder Jake Lucky addressed the situation in a thread: “Kephrii has accused Nick Bunyun and Tiffae of also teaming. Pointing out several other flaws with the event.”

Lucky added that Kephrii was alleging that “event staff even played in the tournament to fill in for him once he was removed.”

Kephrii himself responded to Lucky’s tweet, elaborating that: “there are honestly countless examples but I’m not going to be taken seriously since they accused me & Gale first.

“FACEIT already did an investigation on Gale & I & concluded there was no intentional foul play.”

The Twitch streamer had scrutinized footage of CSGO player Tiffae, claiming that she exploited the point system by “teaming” during the event. Kephrii pointed out that Tiffae has “just disabled clips on her channel” amid the controversy.

A statement has been released via Heaven Media, who are in affiliation with the ReadyUp tournament, which doesn’t reference any players directly. However, the statement does say that “this removal was not in direct relation to the accusations ‘cheating’, but was due to an increasing hostile environment incited by the accusations.”

It remains to be seen whether action will be taken in regards to Tiffae and Bunyun specifically, though Jake Lucky is adamant that “the hosts of the event and the TO need to make a frikin response.”

“Accusations being tossed around left and right with nobody being left looking good,” concluded Lucky.

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