Immortals reportedly looking to buy OpTic Gaming and their LCS spot with new funding

League of Legends NA LCS spot if their reported interest in Infinite Sports and Entertainment materializes into a sale.

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While the initial boom of buying into esports organizations has well passed, there has yet to be a high-profile sale from an investor who jumped in ahead of the curve. 

However, that may be set to change with two of the biggest names in North American esports potentially lining up for a marriage not quite made in heaven, but one that could leave both sides with plenty of headaches.

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Riot GamesTeams cashed out to bigger investment groups in hopes of securing spots in leagues like the NA LCS.

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Immortals x OpTic Gaming

According to a report from ESPN’s Jacob Wolf, Immortals, which is set to be renamed as Immortals Gaming Club, has completed a Series B round of funding worth $30 million – acquiring Brazillian CS:GO platform Gamers Club and prompting a rebranding. 

In addition to that acquisition, Immortals are reportedly one of the bidders in the planned sale of OpTic Gaming’s parent company, Infinite Sports and Entertainment. While Wolf notes that the funding will be used for, amongst other things, Overwatch League payments, there is the possibility of investing into OpTic for their NA LCS spot.

Immortals had initially tried to pick up an NA LCS spot back in 2017 but had their application rejected by Riot Games because of concerns about finances.

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DexertoOpTic’s future with Call of Duty is not yet confirmed with franchising on the way.
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Conflict of interests

While Immortals’ potential purchase of OpTic may be centered on their LCS spot, the Green Wall does operate teams in other esports – that Immortals does, also – that have rules against organizations running multiple squads as a potential conflict of interest.

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    MIBRThe once dominant SK Gaming CS:GO roster returned to Immortals under the MIBR brand.

    Will Infinite sell OpTic?

    The sale of Infinite has been mooted since late January, with a pretty price tag of $150 million, but there has yet to be any sort of confirmation that progress has been made in terms of cashing out from their initial purchase.

    While ESPN notes that Immortals are one of the interested parties, and even details that investment bank J.P. Morgan Chase is handling the deal, there is no confirmation of a sale or even names of any other potential buyers.

    It remains to be seen just who will acquire Infinite Sports and Entertainment, if there is to be a sale, and what that could mean for the future of OpTic’s stable of competitive teams.