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How underdogs are upsetting CSGO’s best teams

Published: 6/Jun/2021 17:34

by Julian Young


Several CS:GO teams full of fresh faces and outstanding talent are on the come-up in the pro scene, and impressive victories against orgs like Astralis, NIP, and Vitality have shown that they mean business and are here to stay.

Counter-Strike’s ‘online era’ has quickly turned into the ‘upset era’, with teams like Gambit, Heroic and Mouz skyrocketing in the CS:GO rankings, while others like Team Liquid, Vitality and FaZe continue to lag behind.

But what’s the secret formula for how CS:GO’s underdogs have managed to topple these stacked teams? Here’s how some of Counter-Strike’s biggest brains are creating their own Cinderella stories, and why we might be witnessing the dawn of a new ‘upset era’ in Global Offensive.


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