HenryG slams up-and-coming UK CS:GO player for his poor attitude after ASUS ROG event

Dreamhack / ASUS

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer has called out a young player for his attitude.

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The former professional player was taking part in the ASUS ROG Join The Republic Challenge, an exhibition tournament that provides upcoming talent an opportunity to gain some notoriety in the scene.

HenryG was captaining Team UK alongside Jak3y, Russ, TUDSON and isk, with the team making it all the way to the finals of the tournament, where they fell to Team Poland.

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In the aftermath of their defeat, Yaroslav ‘isk’ Issakov began to tweet about the tournament, stating that the tournament helped him understand that his “future is never going to be with a UK team,” saying that the “culture and mentality is way different,” and that he spent most of his time talking to Team Russia.

Isk’s tweet after the Join The Republic final.

Greer was unimpressed with isk’s tweets, and called out the player’s attitude towards a tournament that was geared to help him.

“I’m very disappointed in your petulant finger pointing,” wrote HenryG. “This was supposed to be a fun experience where you guys could get exposure and show team spirit. I wish you the best, but you have a lot to learn in becoming a man.“

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Issakov went on to remove his tweet, however many CS:GO fans were able to screenshot the post before he deleted it.

Team UK’s second place finish in Stockholm saw them finish just behind Piotr ‘izak’ Skowyrski’s Team Poland, but well ahead of Chad ‘SPUNJ’ Burchill’s Team Australia who finished 7-8th.