FaZe’s YNk slams “joke” CSGO teams keeping banned coaches as analysts

Andrew Amos
CS:GO coach YNk next to HUNDEN

FaZe Clan’s Janko ‘YNk’ has criticized “joke” CS:GO teams who have kept banned coaches on as analysts following the ESIC investigation into bug abuse. He singled out teams like Heroic, ENCE, and Hard Legion in his October 1 thread.

FaZe Clan’s coach Janko ‘YNk’ Paunovic wasn’t one of the 37 coaches caught up in the CS:GO cheating scandal. However, many of his contemporaries were.

It wasn’t just smaller teams who were found to be breaking the rules. Heroic’s Nicolai ‘HUNDEN’ Petersen, ENCE’s Slaava ‘Twista’ Räsänen, and more were banned for anywhere from four months to 36 months.

Twista coaching ENCE CS:GO at StarLadder Season 6
Twista was one of 37 coaches caught in the CS:GO camera glitch scandal. He was banned for 16 months, but ENCE have kept him on as an analyst.

However, many teams have found a loophole around the suspensions. While the coaches can’t be in the servers or on stage with players any longer, they can still help them out as analysts. In doing so, the majority of teams have kept their old banned coaches on.

YNk has condemned this practice though, saying that organizations need to make sure their coaches “face the consequences” for their actions.

“Some of these orgs really are a joke. Their coaches [were] found guilty of using the bug, multiple times and with clear intent of gaining a competitive advantage, and you simply move them to an “analyst” position,” he said on Twitter on October 1.

“I’m all for giving people second chances but you also need to face the consequences for what you’ve done. What kind of an example are we setting here? Do the time and then you can come back and get another opportunity to redeem yourself and prove you’re better than that.”

He singled out HUNDEN and Twista staying on with Heroic and ENCE respectively. While he acknowledged they were “huge factors to the success of their teams,” he compared their punishment to that of steel’s following the iBuyPower matchfixing scandal, where the NA veteran wasn’t even allowed to coach.

“I’ve got nothing against them personally, I’ve talked to Twista multiple times at LANs and I think he’s a great guy but they’ve smeared the whole scene and especially our profession, how are these orgs still allowing them to be a part of the team,” he added.

YNk has also claimed that many players have gotten off without punishment. He claims that for teams that abused the bug over dozens of rounds, “there is no chance the players weren’t aware and they just played along.”

HUNDEN and Twista were suspended for eight months and 16 months respectively on September 28. The ESIC investigation is still ongoing, with a final report due for release in October.