DeKay CSGO Monthly Mailbag – What Happened with Jamppi, the 2020 landscape, more

With the Counter-Strike scene moving forward and multiple rosters being reported, there are still a tonne of questions that need answering before a number of announcements.

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Jamppi was supposed to be headed to OG but now looks sidelined, so what’s next for them? When will the European organization make an announcement on their move into CS:GO? Will GeT_RiGhT find a permanent home after Ninjas in Pyjamas? 

Answers to these questions and more are in this edition of DeKay’s Monthly Mailbag.

StarLadderGeT_RiGhT is in search of a new CS:GO home.
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What will CSGO esports look like moving forward?

Counter-Strike will be similar to 2019 in 2020 with at least one new addition to the calendar. For a couple months out of the year, the landscape will be divided due to playing their respective leagues. Teams like Liquid are positioned on the ESL side while many other North American teams are aiming to play in the new league that has been rumored. 

As far as the rest of the calendar, it should look pretty much the same but I don’t expect ECS to remain in the same capacity that it is operating in now. Online Counter-Strike for the top teams is pretty much a thing of the past and no one wants to do it anymore.

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Why did OG switch to poizon?

Multiple sources have said it is due to the VAC banned account that jamppi is linked to. The real question there is if OG decided to stay away because they don’t like the risk or if they were able to get a clarification from Valve. I haven’t heard one way or the other just yet. 

As for poizon, he was next on their list and has earned himself a chance on a better team. 

Should Cloud9 move on from JamezIRL?

I don’t have any insight as to what type of coach Jamez is on Cloud9, but I’ve heard previously that he is very dedicated. I doubt he is their weak point, so changing him out doesn’t really make sense to me unless there is conflict. 

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How close are we to an announcement from OG?

I’ve been told to expect something pretty soon. This week hopefully.

What’s next for oskar?

Oskar will always have less options to choose from than a player of his skill would normally have, due to his reputation as a teammate. I wish that wasn’t the case, but it is reality. He is known for being tough to deal with and I don’t really expect him to go anywhere other than a smaller team similar to that last HellRaisers lineup.

DreamHackOskar last played for Hellraisers after leaving Mouz’ active line-up.
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Should Complexity make a move for an AWPer?

An obvious option is WARDELL, but that is something you need to have full confidence in being an upgrade before doing it. I’m not convinced it is. At this point, if they are truly bringing k0nfig in, shahzam is the next guy up for replacement due to the structure of the team.

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Outside of WARDELL, you probably have to go to Europe to get a legit upgrade but that would put Complexity in the EU Minor pool. That isn’t a risk worth taking in my opinion.

How do you fix North?

You have to go get MSL again at this point. I know it isn’t flashy, but they would get more decent results with him there. Is there a leader that is more deserving of a chance in Denmark? 

DreamhackMSL won his last premier CS:GO event as North’s IGL.
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What should Cloud9 do?

I think they should go a couple of events with subroza just to see how things change. Beyond that, I highly doubt koosta is an issue on that lineup. Koosta is quiet and does a ton of the dirty work on the teams he plays for nowadays. 

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They need a player that will buy in fully to the system who also has a ton of potential. I don’t have a name that fits that bill just yet. 

What’s going on with nawwk and fnatic?

I’m hoping to make a report about that, so I’ll have to ask you to remain patient for me.

What’s happening with 100 Thieves, Dignitas, and TSM?

Many of those organizations are considering an entrance to CS:GO if the new league in NA pans out in the way they’d like it to. The issue is, there are only so many top lineups to go around. The latest information I have had on 100 Thieves leads me to believe they won’t be getting a lineup anytime soon. 

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Has GeT_RiGhT had any offers?

I don’t have any information on that front, but I imagine he has had some interest. One option could be wherever Xizt and Friberg go. I’ve always thought GeT_RiGhT would give an international team a chance before he stopped playing, so maybe that happens. I’m not sure really.

Do you think k0nfig will find form again?

I really do think he will return to form in 2020. I think everything is in place for him to make that happen. He has dealt with his own struggles in the past as well as organizational struggles recently that have severely hampered him. Once he is officially locked down, there will be so much less in the way for him. I’m excited. 

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Dreamhackk0nfig departed OpTic once the former roster disbanded.

Masvidal or Diaz?

Masvidal has the edge in my opinion but fights with Nate never seem to go how I expect. I’m not super confident about that choice. 

How long before Na’Vi make another change?

I think b1ad3 can still work some magic with this lineup and help fix some of their issues. Replacing an in-game leader isn’t an easy move, especially when you have a guy doing it that doesn’t have any notable experience with the role. 

I will have a ton of patience with this lineup and I hope they have patience themselves. GuardiaN needs to step up too, which I think will happen. 

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Any moves for ex-GamerLegion players?

I haven’t heard anything about any of those players, but if they want any real interest they’ll need to prove themselves again. Either together or separately. 

Would FaZe ever take Karrigan back?

Some players like Rain would definitely consider him returning, but I doubt NiKo ever would. Nor would Karrigan for that matter. He likes having control and has the accomplishments that warrant that control, so why would he give that up? 

Karrigan will be at Mousesports for as long as he wants really. If they go downhill, he’ll be allowed to make the changes he feels are necessary. 

ESLKarrigan was FaZe’s longtime in-game leader.

Do Faze want to continue with Broky?

I can only assume so. They probably aren’t happy about their recent performances and I would hope they’ve been working to improve them. If not, I’d be pretty worried. 

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Will the next Major be in Sydney?

I am 99% sure there will not be a Major in Sydney. I don’t know what that random report was talking about.