DeKay CS:GO Major Playoff Mailbag, Part 1: Na’Vi, Swole Patrol, and How my reports help players - Dexerto

DeKay CS:GO Major Playoff Mailbag, Part 1: Na’Vi, Swole Patrol, and How my reports help players

Published: 26/Feb/2019 18:45 Updated: 27/Feb/2019 21:58

by Jarek "DeKay" Lewis


With there being a couple of days until the IEM Katowice Major Playoffs, there’s a bit of time to breath and take a look at some of biggest questions from the community moving forward. 

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While most eyes in the CS:GO community have been focused on the IEM Katowice Major, there are still plenty of lingering questions for many teams and players heading into the post-major shuffle. 

What’s next for Swole Patrol? Why aren’t the positions of sources named? What kind of moves are in the cards for Team Envy, Cloud9, and TSM? 

All that and more will be answered in this edition of DeKay’s Mailbag.


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Copyright: ESL/Helena-KristianssonFnatic failed to live up to the expectations set at the IEM Katowice Major.

Are Fnatic making roster moves?

I have not heard anything about them. I believe they’ll keep the same lineup for now. 

Most Swedish players have huge buyouts so I don’t know who they could even get outside of a young up and comer.

The future of Swole Patrol

From what I had understood, eUnited now control the IEM Sydney slot. I will have to double check. 

As for EPL, it will be on Brax to field a lineup because Swole Patrol isn’t an actual organization. He shouldn’t have trouble finding players and they still have time to prepare. The season begins in six weeks.


The ethics of dealing with sources in journalism

It would be unethical for me to identify who or even what type of individual I am receiving information from. Those filling me in can gain directly via information exchange or indirectly at a later date.

Roster moves, for example, have many hidden benefits for the community. First, the community is not a tight knit, interconnected web. There is no transaction wire that all teams can see. Take this as an example:

Copyright: ESL/Adela-SznajderReporting news from sources is a delicate balance that requires strong ethical practices.

Team A benches Player B. I report this to be happening. This means that Team A now has to answer to any other Team inquiring on Player B. If I don’t report it, Team A can selectively decide which other organizations they want to do business with first before word spreads. It levels the playing field and ensures Player B has all opportunities available to him. On the other end, it makes sure that all organizations have a chance to inquire with Team A to get Player B.


Believe it or not though, most people and/or organizations don’t use myself or media in general to their advantage. There are plenty of situations where someone could come to me and I could help them get out of a jam. Hopefully that changes in the future.

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Could Na’Vi be gearing up for a roster move? 

If Na’Vi didn’t make it to the playoffs, I would have expected some sort of roster move. A key factor here is if Ange1 is even possible to rescue from HellRaisers. I’m not aware of his contract details, I just know previous attempts to get him failed. I would say that he is the number one choice should they ever replace Zeus. s1mple likes him.


Right now, I expect the roster to remain though. That’s just how I feel, I don’t have any real information to say one way or the other.

What moves are Team Envy looking to make?

As I understand it, there would be more than one move. I don’t think anything has been decided for sure yet though. They have to lock him down first before they take that step. Doing that is no guarantee.

Cloud9/TwitterCould Cloud9 be looking to make some moves following a disappointing end to the Major?

What’s next for Cloud9?

I’m not sure if it has been decided just yet. That is something that I will know more about in the next couple weeks. It all hinges on his health and how they felt they performed at the Major.


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Where will smooya land? 

He hasn’t decided yet as far as I know. I would put my money on TSM, though.

DreamHackTarik is set to join NRG Esports, which could throw a wrench in TSM’s plans.

How will tarik’s move to NRG affect TSM? 

Someone will pick that team up although I don’t believe it is going to be TSM. From what it sounds like, they will get a similar mix of EU talent.

What’s new with mousesports? 

From what I’ve been told, the Mousesports organization hasn’t officially reached out to anyone just yet. 

They had been waiting for the New Legends Stage to end at least before making their next move.

Have any spicy moves fallen through the cracks? 

The last six months have been mellow and pretty stable if I’m honest. I can’t think of anything crazy right now.

Kaze/FacebookIs a team change in the cards for kaze?

Will kaze or BnTeT changes teams anytime soon? 

As far as I know neither of them will be moving. If they are, I haven’t heard about it.

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Are FaZe gearing up for any post-Major roster moves? 

I have not, it’s too early. They are still trying to do the best they can at the Major right now.

Which Team Envy member is on the chopping block? 

I would make one change by replacing Cutler or Drone and getting whoever Karrigan felt was best (within reason). 

He should be the one deciding who they pick up if he ends up on the roster.

What are the chances that FaZe move on from Niko?

Should FaZe try and pick up s1mple?

That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world but I think NiKo is too good to cut from that roster. 

I’m not convinced he should IGL, of course, but that would be risky. Probably too risky.

Anything new on huNter? 

Nothing new on huNter at this time. It is still too early. I addressed Smooya earlier on. I haven’t heard anything with Swag or Amanek just yet.

What if Astralis lose the Major? 

While I believe Valde has played tremendously well as of late, I don’t think that’s realistic. It would take a significant slide from their current form for them to consider that.