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CS:GO viewership on Twitch sees a huge increase after release of Danger Zone battle royale mode

Published: 7/Dec/2018 18:47 Updated: 7/Dec/2018 18:56

by Bill Cooney


CS:GO’s big announcement of a new battle royale mode called “Danger Zone” got enough people interested that the game shot to the top of the Twitch rankings, getting more than 210,000 concurrent viewers shortly after the reveal on December 6.

Danger Zone was announced and released by CS:GO on December 6 featuring a new map and player interface for the franchise’s first foray into the battle royale genre.

In addition to the battle royale mode, it was also announced that CS:GO would be going free to play, which made it easy for streamers on Twitch to try out the new mode right away.

According to Twitchtracker.com, CS:GO reached a peak of about 216,000 viewers shortly after Danger Zone was announced. It didn’t hurt that the game got some help from big-time streamers, like former CS:GO pro Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek, who had more than 100,000 viewers on his stream alone.

CS:GO managed to beat out Fortnite, which peaked at around 150,000 viewers according to Twitchtracker, on the first day of Season 7, no less.


Like other recently released battle royale games, CS:GO Danger Zone definitely caught people’s attention the day it released and now we’ll have to see if that interest continues, or if it will die down similar to Call of Duty’s Blackout.

Opinions on the new battle royale mode were mixed, but CS:GO shouldn’t have any problem pulling in the viewers if Shroud decides to give the game another shot on stream.


S1mple vs ZywOo: The Stats That Prove Who Was IEM Beijing’s Real MVP

Published: 27/Nov/2020 16:58

by Marco Rizzo


The two best CSGO players of 2020 faced each other in the grand finals of IEM Beijing-Haidian, with both Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev and Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut delivering incredible performances across the tournament. 

Fresh off the end of IEM Beijing, Dexerto takes a look at the statistics of the two best players of the event trying to determine who was the real MVP.

Across the five maps, ZywOo was the only player on Vitality to display an overall positive HLTV rating as Nabil ‘Nivera’ Benrlitom only played two maps after subbing in for Kévin ‘misutaaa’ Rabier on Dust 2 and Richard ‘shox’ Papillon on Inferno.

The young Frenchman was responsible for some of the most incredible moments in the entire tournament, with two ace clutches in the final map of the event.

S1mple, meanwhile, boasted some ridiculous numbers in the first two maps of the final series, collecting 64 kills across Dust 2 and Nuke while spearheading NaVi’s domination in the first half of the series.

While ultimately being on the losing side of the grand final, s1mple earned the highest rating of the series with 1.47, an incredible achievement across five maps.

Both players were also unbelievably consistent across the entire tournament, and while ZywOo edged the Ukrainian in overall ratings, s1mple had the better k/d ratio out of the two.

These two have been tearing the CSGO scene this year and IEM Beijing won’t be the last time these two prodigies face each other in the finals of a major tournament.