CS:GO streamer’s team baited into surrendering in FPL despite massive lead

Brent Koepp

A CS:GO player was streaming a match on Twitch on August 16 when his team was tricked into surrendering the competition despite their massive lead, and the reactions are hilarious.

CS:GO games can be intense as the popular shooter can have matches that come right down to the wire. Despite the competition, there is often a gentleman’s agreement between teams when a player needs to take quick break.

During a ‘FACEIT’ CS:GO match between two teams, confusion and anger broke out when Twitch streamer ‘WoznyTV’s team ended the game prematurely with a vote.

Surrendering the game

CS:GO has feature that allows players in the match to vote on whether a game is paused or ended. The match was 11 to 1 as it turned into a 3 vs 5 situation, when a player asked in the voice chat repeatedly if they could pause the match.

“Pause please. Pause pause please,” a player named ‘Salim0’ spammed, before initiating the vote. Those in the match quickly agreed to the pause and voted, without realizing that it was not a vote for pausing the game, but a vote to surrender the match.

Twitch: WoznyTVThe moment the streamer realized that the match was surrendered.

WoznyTV’s own teammates were in shock and disbelief that he had surrendered the match.

The surrendering streamer took a second for it to dawn on him, before laughing and throwing his hands over his face, as he leaned back in his chair realizing what had happened. It’s not clear why the surrender vote was initiated instead of pause, but it appears to have been a case of trolling.

Unfortunately during matches when things are intense, players often don’t check what the vote is about, relying instead what is being said on through the voice chat. And since there were repeated calls to pause the game, it makes sense why players just assumed that would be the case.

When the pop up for votes happens, it shows up in the left hand of the screen. Understandably when you are in the middle of the match, it’s off in your peripheral vision, and it’s generally accepted among players to immediately vote yes if a player is asking for a pause.

Whether the surrender was an accident or an epic troll, the reaction from the streamer’s teammates was hilarious as their game was robbed from them by an accidental vote.

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