German CS:GO caster breaks himself after insane Deagle one tap

Connor Bennett

German Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster Fabian ‘V3n0m’ Doellert left onlookers with a hilarious highlight as he lost his voice during a recent game.

Aside from the insane plays and incredibly skilled pros, competitive CS:GO relies upon its casters. Almost every game has, whether it be a Major final or regional online match-up, some sort of commentary – good or bad – and their hype moments can send a game hurtling towards the history books.

Historic calls across CS:GO and previous Counter-Strike games ring out to fans and can be as memorable as an event itself. Yet, some are remembered for entirely different reasons – including when a caster loses all control and just shouts out whatever comes to mind, even if it’s not actually a word.

99DamageV3n0m, left, is a former CS 1.6 pro-turned caster.

During a 99Damage Liga Saison game between PANTHERS Gaming and Euronics on Overpass, V3m0n might have joined those ranks with a memorable call.

After René ‘RENE’ Folkmer pushed through a Molotov at the sandbags spot, and was able to take down one enemy with relative ease, he opened up space for teammate Lukas ‘ecFN’ Kauer. The young German quickly jumped from the vacated position, utilized the corner of the surf wall and unloaded a crisp one tap into the head of Peter ‘seeeya’ Gortschakow.

V3m0n let himself go and began screaming wildly – making zero sense at all. While viewers were left mind blown, the caster couldn’t speak for a few moments – needing a chesty cough to open up his vocal cords.

The hilarious moment didn’t seem to cause any harm outside of the brief moment where the caster needed to step away, as he continued with the commentating over the game for a little while longer.

Despite the temporary blip, fans will be hoping that he can pull off an iconic call at the StarLadder Berlin Major which kicks off on August 23. 

V3m0n will be doing the German language casting from the usual 99Damage Twitch channel, so any more moments will go down over there.