CS:GO Sources Say: Who TSM is Pursuing? Also latest news on ScreaM, Ex6tenz and huNter

The IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major is now in full swing, but of course moves are still going on behind closed doors. This week we’re focusing on TSM, Ex6tenz, ScreaM and huNter.

“Sources Say” is a regular column that focuses discussions and behind-the-scenes developments I can confirm or plainly just feel confident are happening, even if they don’t lead to any official moves. 

“X team are targeting Y player,” or “A player has been practicing with B team,” — that type of stuff.

IntelThe IEM Katowice Major kicked off in Poland on February 13.

The Challengers Stage of the IEM Katowice Major has by and large exposed some of the veteran lineups in the field. It is depressing to see G2 Esports face off against Fnatic in a 1-2 elimination match, when so much talent and experience exists between the two. 

Ninjas in Pyjamas are in the same boat and their form leaves much to be desired thus far. It seems almost unreasonable to think these teams are capable of such a low level of play.

That is how professional competition works though, it will leave you behind. The game doesn’t care about what you’ve accomplished, the only thing that matters is the present. Regardless of how these teams finish, I believe the three organizations are overvaluing their older players. 

The two could use an injection of youth and/or a change in leadership, in my opinion. I don’t understand why consistent under performance has become so acceptable as of late. Do you want to win Majors or just sell mouse pads?

With that out of the way, plenty of talk is occurring away from the Major.

TSM reaches out to tarik and smooya

DreamHackCould tarik soon find himself on a new roster?

TSM has reached out to a number of benched individuals, including tarik and Smooya. 

The latest rumor has been that tarik has an offer from TSM that includes building a team around himself. It is a bit unclear if he will take them up on it, but making him a central piece of the organization will be tough to turn down. 

As with all roster moves in the works right now, most decisions won’t be made until after the Major finishes.

Ex6tenz and ScreaM in talks with Draken and Hampus 

ScreaM and ex6tenz are in talks to join a new roster after the Major.

Ex6tenz and ScreaM have been in talks with players from Red Reserve, including Draken and Hampus. 

Last I was told they hadn’t even practiced yet or tried anything out, so I would assume it was purely discussion. Maybe an option if nothing better presents itself for all parties. One would have to imagine Hampus will have an offer from a Swedish team based on how Fnatic and NiP have played thus far.

huNter facing issues with Valiance

huNter looks to be in between a rock and a hard place with Valiance.

huNter seems to have a few offers but he is in a tough spot with the Valiance organization. Prior to the Katowice Minor he signed a new contract, meaning they were able to place a hefty buyout figure on him.

I’m told Mousesports and FaZe Clan have reached out to Valiance to work out some sort of deal. FaZe being interested shows they may not plan to keep AdreN long term. huNter joining their lineup would be particularly interesting considering he is the cousin of NiKo.

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