CSGO Source 2 port release date reportedly revealed

Andrew Amos
Inferno map in CSGO

CS:GO’s long-awaited port to the modern Source 2 engine could be just around the corner, with numerous hints pointing towards a mid-May release.

Source 2 speculation has been spinning around CS:GO for months, even years now. From random map changes, to rumors of release windows, it feels like the FPS’ eventual port to the updated engine is Valve’s worst kept secret.

The only thing players don’t know is when it’s actually coming. However, we might have gotten our most solid indication yet, and it’s just around the corner.

Other Valve games like Dota 2 are on Source 2, with a CS:GO port just around the corner.

So, what’s the date in mind? May 18, for now at least. This date isn’t plucked from thin air from Valve News Network’s “two month” timeframe back in March. Two key indicators have led CS:GO players to believe that Source 2 will be dropping then.

The first of them was an announcement by Chinese website B5 on Weibo. The exclusive platform, similar to FACEIT or ESEA, implied that Source could be coming on May 18.

They are prepping their servers for the engine’s possible release on that date, and making sure all their features are working just fine by then. However, the May 18 date also lines up with a potential release of Steam in China, so this could fudge the numbers.

B5’s latest Weibo post points towards a Source 2 (translated to Origin 2) release on May 18.

The second source is a CS:GO private beta currently active and being used in tournaments. The Road to Rio qualifiers for the November Major are currently running on build An update for this build was pushed on April 20, stating it will expire on May 18.

This lines up with the end of the Road to Rio qualifiers, but also the rumored date from B5, and lies in the two months given by VNN.

However, as with all things relating to Source 2, it’s only speculation until Valve drops the official announcement. The CS:GO developer does hold their cards close to their chest, so take everything you see with a grain of salt until then.

Source 2’s engine update for CS:GO will overhaul the game entirely. From graphics to physics and everything in between, playing CS after the port to the modern engine will feel remarkably different.

These few tidbits though have made for the strongest case that Source 2 is only a matter of weeks away, and CS:GO players should be getting hyped for the update.

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