Valve drops major hint that CS2 release is imminent

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The CS2 social media account is giving out clues once again that the release of the Valve title is coming very soon.

Valve has been giving out massive hints in recent days about the upcoming release of CS2. On September 20, the CS2 X/Twitter account asked its followers what they were doing next Wednesday… Which many took to mean that the sequel to one of Valve’s most popular titles was going to be released in about a week’s time.

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Six days later, the social media account again took to social media to signal to players and fans that CS2 is leaving beta and will be released in full to the public.

The account’s banner was changed to a black background with white text that reads: “Dawn of The Final Day” on September 26. Many have taken this to mean that this day is the final day of CS:GO’s life cycle and CS2 will replace it in the following days.

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CS2 Social media account headerCS2 Social media account

Valve continues to tease the release of CS2

But whether the community or the professional circuit around the Valve shooter is ready for the game to release this week is another story.

In a recent video released by ESL, multiple CS:GO pros were asked about their experience with the new title from playing the beta. Multiple players said that the game isn’t ready for competitive play and that there are many issues that should be addressed before its release.

“They need to fix a lot of things like the movement, the delay with grenades and I think they should fix the servers,” player David ‘n0rb3r7’ Daniyelyan said in the video.

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The release of the new Valve game is also coming at an awkward time for esports competitors as the switch could come while tournaments and leagues are ongoing. ESL is reportedly polling teams about potentially switching to CS2 for the EPL playoffs, according to

Fans and players will have to wait and see when CS2 does eventually drop as the developer has not put out a release date and is seemingly content with just teasing the fan base for now.

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