CSGO in Source 2 seemingly just leaked through new Dota 2 update

Jeremy Gan

Through a new Dota 2 update, a new leak has seemingly shown fresh evidence of CS:GO being ported into Source 2 amidst a wave of speculation. 

News of a Source 2 version of CSGO 2 has run rampant over the past week. One of the first rumors surfaced when an NVIDIA driver update showed a “csgo2” executable app, naturally sparking massive speculation for a potential sequel or update to the now decade-old game. 

And then came a report from Richard Lewis that there is allegedly a Beta version of Counter-Strike in Source 2 which is already playable. According to Lewis’ sources, multiple pro players have already tested the game in Valve’s headquarters, and a public build may be going live in a matter of weeks.

Now, in a March 6 update of Dota 2, further information of CSGO being ported into Source 2 has just been discovered. Valve leaker Gabe Follower uncovered multiple references in the game’s code referring to CSGO and its potential jump to the new engine. 

This data includes case keys, spray kits, maps, player models, and even a new operation. The leak is particularly credible as Dota 2 uses Source 2 as its engine, as it was the first game made in Valve’s cutting-edge system. 

Although this new leak is not concrete proof CSGO’s Source 2 port is about to come out for Beta testing, it at least shows evidence of the existence of a port. Until official confirmation arrives, perhaps imminently, it may be the best proof we’ll get.

The timing of the leak is quite intriguing as well, given it was reported the beta version might release sometime near the end of March 2023, or April 1 2023 at the latest.

As we seemingly know, the port will not be rebranded as a completely new game, as many may have speculated an official sequel. Rather, according to Gabe Follower and Lewis, it will just be CSGO running on Source 2. 

As of now, Dota 2 is the only legacy title Valve has ported into Source 2, though CSGO seems to be the next in line. However, there are other projects currently aiming to port other titles such as Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, and Half-Life into Source 2. 

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