CSGO Source 2 engine update could be coming very soon


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive could be ported to the Source 2 engine in as little as two months, according to leaks from various members of the game’s community.

CS:GO’s old Source engine has kept the game incredibly simple, but as time wears on, the FPS is struggling to keep up with more recently-released competitors. Games like Valorant have put Valve on notice, and things need to be spruiked up.

An engine update to Source 2 has been what players have called on Valve to introduce for years, and now, they might be getting their wishes.

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In a recent video, Valve News Network owner Tyler McVicker let loose Source 2 was coming in as little as two months ⁠— give or take a few weeks for ‘Valve Time.’ This was backed up by ‘Nors3’, who said “reliable sources” told him it’s coming.

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“About Source 2 being released in CS:GO in 2 months: it seems trustworthy because I heard from reliable sources,” he said, “but with Valve you can never be 100% confident with unofficial dates.”

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While the speculation might not come as a surprise to players ⁠— after all, rumors have been circulating for months, and even years ⁠— with more people coming forward with a release window in mind, it might actually become reality.

Two months from now puts us directly after the originally planned dates for the Rio Major in May, so the Source 2 update wouldn’t have disrupted any major tournaments if the window is to be believed.

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However, while Source 2 is reportedly coming, players shouldn’t expect the release to be all smooth sailing. The update will introduce a lot of bugs that will need to be patched out. A year-long beta period is being touted for the new engine.

The Panorama UI update in 2018 was the first bit of Source 2 added to CS:GO.

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There are already aspects of Source 2 in CS:GO. While there’s no gameplay altering elements of the updated engine in the almost-decade-old shooter, the Panorama UI update in 2018 was the start of the game’s port over.

Since then, various leaks have confirmed more elements on their way. A Dota 2 update in February 2020 included strings of code for CS:GO Source 2, including updates to rendering, shadows, and skyboxes.

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While none of these changes have been shipped in the FPS yet, it’s a look forward to what players should expect from the update. The game won’t look that different, but it’ll feel smoother to play with new physics and rendering.

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Of course, without any official word from Valve ⁠— which we won’t get until just before the engine is shipped ⁠— it’ll be impossible to put to rest any doubts about Source 2 arriving into CS:GO soon.

However, given the current state CS:GO finds itself in, a new engine could be what brings new players for years to come, instead of flocking to other games.

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