CSGO player gets revenge on cheaters by creating hilarious fake cheats

Andrew Amos
CSGO terrorist standing in molotov

Sick of cheaters in Counter-Strike? How about beat them at their own game? That’s what YouTuber ‘ScriptKid’ did, creating a new “cheating” software for CS:GO that sabotaged would-be hackers.

Getting matched against a cheater in CS:GO ⁠— or any game ⁠— is infuriating. It saps the fun out of the game, getting headshot from across the map by a guy spinning around with a Negev.

While Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) does its best to snuff out the hackers, it’s not perfect. However, there is a solution outside of that.

CSGO wallhack cheat
CS:GO cheats come in all shapes and sizes.

Software engineer and CS:GO fan ‘ScriptKid’ took it upon himself to code a cheat client for the game. However, instead of giving everyone who downloaded it cheats, it only intended to sabotage their gameplay.

He created a “bait software” that looked like a cheat, even promising it was “100% undetected by VAC” while being totally free. Too good to be true, right? Despite that, 1,021 people downloaded the software in the space of just two weeks.

Instead of giving players the promise of an incredible aimbot, or walls beyond what the server could render, ScriptKid’s client made cheaters look like fools. He installed multiple “punishments” for cheaters to get mocked by.

These punishments included shooting teammates, screwing up grenade throws, and even stopping defuses just before they finished. They would apply randomly, so it was hard to know when they would sabotage cheaters next. The full list of punishments can be found here:

  • Burning Man: throw grenades straight down and unbind movement keys for a few seconds.
  • No Plant or Defuse: cancel plant or defuse at the last second, and play a fake sound to confuse them.
  • Big Spender: waste the cheater’s money by buying bad weapons, like shotguns.
  • NoSpray4U: 50% chance to drop weapons when spraying.
  • Invert Mouse ADS: invert mouse while aiming down scope.
  • Violence Speed Momentum: ups sensitivity to 100 for a few seconds.
  • Butter Fingers: drops weapon every time they try to shoot.
  • Do You Even Aim Bro: “basically the opposite of an aimbot.”
  • Blood Brothers: fires the cheater’s weapon when hovering over an ally.

This isn’t the first set of cheaters ScriptKid has sprung a trap on. He’s done this in the past with PUBG hackers, tricking them into installing his “bait software” that made them jump out of moving vehicles, shoot teammates while reviving them, and dropping grenades on them.

Given ScriptKid’s “cheats” would probably get picked up by VAC eventually for altering the game’s files, it would be a double whammy for the thousand-odd players who fell for the bait.

However, if it means less cheaters in CS:GO, then so be it. If you’re going to cheat, at least do it right.