CS2 pro dev1ce punches his screen at IEM Chengdu after game crash

Carver Fisher

dev1ce, one of the most prolific Counter-Strike pros of all time, punched his monitor after an infuriating game crash in a crucial match to keep their run alive in CS2 tournament IEM Chengdu 2024.

dev1ce is a pro who has defined Astralis’ Counter-Strike glory days as one of the greatest Awpers of all time, and he was close to bringing the team to the IEM Chengdu Grand Finals when disaster struck.

After missing a crucial shot, he turned around to reposition when his game crashed, resulting in his death. HLTV’s Luis Mira confirmed with ESL officials that this was a game crash.

While other esports titles like League of Legends have rules around pausing and correcting the game when it comes to tech issues or bugs, Counter-Strike 2 doesn’t allow players to pause mid-round unless something catastrophic happens to the whole lobby.

Considering how often CS2 crashes on stage, this has become a real problem. And dev1ce wasn’t having it.

It’s not like Counter-Strike 2 is crashing for pros in every single match they play, but it’s enough of a consistent issue to be noteworthy. Hell, this wasn’t even the first time CS2 crashed mid-game at IEM Chengdu, nor was it the only critical bug seen in that match.

Another known bug that causes players to spin affected FaZe’s broky earlier in that match, with the bewilderment clear on his face in the replay. However, fortunately for FaZe, the bug only came into play once the round was over.

Ultimately, Astralis wound up losing this final map after dev1ce’s game crash. The CS2 pro commented on this event after the fact, saying that he was happy with the team’s showing at IEM Changdu.

“Couldn’t keep my cool after the game crash in that round but overall pretty good showing here in Chengdu. GGWP”

It’s become abundantly clear that Counter-Strike 2’s technical state is having a tangible, negative impact on pro play.

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