CSGO star m0NESY unimpressed by Counter-Strike 2’s smokes


Counter-Strike 2’s dynamic smoke grenades are one of the most talked about changes in the CS:GO sequel. But not everyone seems to be excited about this new feature.

Valve is slowly lifting the veil on Counter-Strike 2, the new entry in the iconic FPS franchise that will be released in the summer. The introduction of responsive smoke grenades is one of the new features that the community has been passionately discussing since the first details came out.

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In Counter-Strike 2, smoke grenades will fill the space naturally and will react to lighting, resulting in more realistic effects. But more importantly, they will interact with other gameplay events, such as bullets and HE grenades, which can be used to temporarily clear sightlines while the smoke is still active.

This will fundamentally change the way that smokes are used in the game, providing “even more tactical opportunities”, according to Valve.

m0NESY shares his thoughts on Counter-Strike 2’s grenades

But not everyone seems to be on board with the changes. In a message posted to his Telegram channel after G2’s defeat to ENCE in the ESL Pro League Season 17 playoffs, Ilya ‘m0NESY’ Osipov appeared to scoff at the smoke changes.

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“So I watched the new CS video, it’s LOL,” he wrote. “Throwing the HE and shooting the smoke give you visibility through it. In fact, why even use a smoke, then?”

m0NESY went on to say that Counter-Strike 2’s maps and textures “look really cool” and that a lot of things will be fixed before the game is released.

“So what do we have: New grenade mechanics, maybe even shooting, improved sounds, also tickrate,” he said. “Sounds good on paper, but need to try and play it first.”

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m0NESY burst onto the international scene in January 2022, when he signed for G2 Esports after coming through NAVI’s academy system. He was named the seventh-best player of 2022 by HLTV.org.

Former CS:GO pro and popular content creator Mike ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is also skeptical about Counter-Strike 2’s dynamic smokes but for a different reason.

According to him, the volumetric smokes “look f***ing dope” but could have a major impact on players’ framerate. “Bye-bye, FPS,” he said. “That is going to hurt. Luckily, Counter-Strike already runs great, so it’s not that big of a deal. It just kind of blows that if you’re already struggling, you’re going to struggle harder.”

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