CS2 pro cadiaN admits cheating as a kid helped him get good at the game

Declan Mclaughlin
cadiaNcadiaN/ Team Liquid

CS2 pro Casper ‘cadiaN’ Møller admitted on a live stream that he installed cheats as a kid for Counter-Strike and it helped him understand and get good at the game.

Team Liquid IGL cadiaN is considered a top IGL as the veteran has led multiple squads to top placements at some of the biggest events in Counter-Strike esports. The Danish AWP player often calls plays on the side and executes in-game plans, usually with the help of some of the top shooters in the game.

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Like many good IGLs, cadiaN can predict what the enemy team will do based on information like utility use and gunfight locations almost like he can see them through walls.

On a live stream with CS2 streamer Mark ‘ohnePixel,’ cadiaN revealed that during his formative years as a child playing Counter-Strike he actually could see through walls. The CS2 pro admitted that he used cheats early on and it helped him understand the game.

cadiaN reveals he once used cheats in Counter-Strike

Top competitors using cheats before they try to become professional players is not that rare. Famously, Elias ‘Jamppi’ Olkkonen, an up-and-coming pro at the time, was banned from Valve events for using an account with cheats on it. The player would later say that multiple people played on that account and has since been unbanned from tournaments.

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CadiaN revealed that he installed them onto his computer as a kid, and also told those in the stream to not use cheats.

“These cheats are kind of what made me good at the game. I’m not even capping, because I was kind of clueless… and when I installed these cheats I kind of understood all the timings of when could I meet with the opponent, how long could I run with the knife, if I get this kill what reaction is the opponent going to do because I was full on wall hacking,” cadiaN said.

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The Team Liquid player also specified that this was before he started attending LANs and long before his professional career took off.

CadiaN has been playing Counter-Strike professionally for over a decade. While the player has had some incredible highlights from his long career, he’s never been accused of using cheats before.

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