Astralis legend dupreeh joins new all-Danish roster for CS2 ahead of Copenhagen Major

Calum Patterson
dupreeh astralis

5-time CS:GO Major winner Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen has joined a new Danish organization and lineup following his stint as a stand-in for Heroic, with the CS2 Copenhagen Major the target for the squad.

After dupreeh left Astralis for pastures new, alongside Magisk and coach Zonic, they eventually made their major-winning impact felt when they lifted the Paris Major with Vitality. That was the final major of CS:GO, ensuring no one would ever win more majors than dupreeh.

That’s why it was a surprise to many when dupreeh was benched on Vitality, who brought in extra firepower with flameZ, leaving him without a team. He helped out Astralis rivals Heroic on a short-term basis, but has now landed his next official team.

He will join up with Preasy Esport, a relatively new org to the scene, featuring an all-Danish lineup once again for dupreeh. The goal, of course, is to qualify for the CS2 Copenhagen Major.

Dupreeh eyes Danish Major with Preasy

Speaking on X/Twitter after the move was announced, dupreeh explained it’s all eyes on the Major in his home country.

“Danish PreasyEsports and I share a dream; reaching the first ever Copenhagen Major,” he began.

“I wouldn’t want to let the chance of at least trying to get there slip away. After all, I’ve played a couple of Majors, and I can’t sit on the sidelines watching knowing what could’ve been.”

dupreeh also explains that there were some “last minute changes” to otherwise done deals with tier 1 teams, that “didn’t play out in my favor.”

As a result, he joins a roster that certainly doesn’t go into the RMR anywhere near favorites to qualify, something he is also well aware of.

Other names on the roster include ex-Heroic player refrezh, as well as ex-Fnatic roej. In the move, AWPer nicodooz is heading in the other direction, expected to join Heroic.

This means Preasy is now without a recognized AWPer, but given the meta in CS2 seemingly not favoring the weapon, this may be less of a concern.

Preasy Esports roster:

  • Ismail ‘refrezh’ Ali
  • Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen
  • Thomas ‘TMB’ Bundsbæk
  • Fredrik ‘roej’ Jørgensen
  • Alexander ‘Altekz’ Givskov
    • Daniel ‘Vorborg⁠’ Vorborg (coach)
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