Zelina Vega unveils Overwatch Sombra cosplay at WWE SummerSlam

Blizzard / Instagram: Zelina Vega

Zelina Vega has done it again… just days after going viral with a fan-favorite Apex Legends cosplay, the WWE stunner has shocked the internet again with a perfect Overwatch Sombra cosplay at the annual SummerSlam pay-per-view event in Florida.

Vega, real name Thea Trinidad, has never made her love for pop-culture and gaming a secret as she charted a course to the top of WWE. Recently, she revealed her take on Apex Legends bad girl Loba, which soon went viral in the battle royale’s fandom.

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Now it’s the Overwatch community’s turn. After teasing “something special” coming at the annual SummerSlam event, Vega unveiled a stunning Sombra cosplay on-stage during the huge WWE pay-per-view in Florida on August 23.

Vega’s Sombra cosplay may be one of the best we’ve seen, and it was made even cooler by the fact she rocked it on-stage at the 2020 SummerSlam event too. The centerpiece of the outfit was the flared purple coat and tunic, which the Overwatch hacker is never seen without.

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The wrestling star also went all-in with the hairstyle. When she appeared on-stage in Florida, she had her hair pulled back and cut with Sombra’s iconic metal pins.

Vega appeared as Overwatch criminal hacker Sombra.Blizzard Entertainment
Vega appeared as Overwatch criminal hacker Sombra.

The 29-year-old also strode out on-stage with the iconic knee-high Sombra boots, and a pair of tall stilettos. She completed the main part of the costume with a combo of silver shoulder pads, and the hacker’s tight black combat suit.

Perhaps the finest attention to detail, however, was Vega’s choice to wear the Sombra logo on a chain around her neck. Sombra’s usual style has a suit up to her chin, but Vega decided to go open-flare and reveal the necklace instead.

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Like we said, what a stunning cosplay! The only real shame was that while Vega was wearing it on-stage during a set of interviews, no one thought to ask her about the design! Here a clip of Vega’s Sombra cosplay in all its glory:

The WWE interviewers may not have asked Vega about her Sombra cosplay, but Dexerto certainly did. We reached out to the wrestling star to ask her what her favorite thing about the Overwatch hacker was, and the outfit.

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“She’s so f*cking bad ass! She’s not easy to play, but once you get the hang of her, you feel unstoppable. I love that “one step ahead” thing, it’s very big in my Zelina Vega character,” ” Trinidad admitted.

“We’re very similar in a lot of ways too, both being Latina and having that fiery attitude, and badass swag. It’s very important to me to rep for Latina girl gamers/nerds out there, and characters like Loba, Sombra, Vega, Christie Montiero… I really appreciate them.”

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Zelina Vega promised WWE Press Pool
Zelina Vega promised “something special” for her SummerSlam outfit, and the WWE star certainly delivered.

Vega also gushed over Sombra’s look, which she added might just be the “coolest” in Overwatch. “Her look, gosh! She’s so cool looking, the black and purples, her hair.. just her overall look is really beautiful.”

Don’t believe us that Vega’s cosplay is one of the best? You might from Sombra’s voice actor herself then; Carolina Ravassa ⁠— who herself has donned the Sombra outfit once or twice ⁠— said she was a huge fan of Trinidad’s take.

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Vega was eye-catching in her Sombra cosplay, and that’s because the wrestler had plenty of practice. Outside of the Loba outfit she revealed last week, she also debuted a perfect take on Overwatch tank D.Va back in early August.

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